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Steven Crowder: Here’s Everything Wrong With Jimmy Kimmel’s Vegas Rant

By  James

On his podcast this week, conservative comedian and commentator Steven Crowder took some time address late-show host Jimmy Kimmel’s tearful call for more gun control, in which he made a series of misleading and at times outright false claims about guns and mass shootings. Playing Kimmel’s opening monologue line by line, Crowder responded to each of Kimmel’s assertions to highlight the false premises and lack of factual legitimacy.

Crowder began with Kimmel’s statement that “we’ll never know why a human being would do something like this to other human beings.”

“It’s a really simple answer why,” says Crowder. “It’s called evil. It’s something the Left refuses to acknowledge exists … Listen, it’s horrible. It doesn’t mean you have to comprehend evil, but it’s not a complex question. … What led them to that evil … and what allowed them to commit that act of evil and what’s the best way to curb it moving forward? That’s the discussion we should be having.”

Crowder then addresses Kimmel’s suggestion that the Founding Fathers never intended for us to have AK-47s by noting his previous video, “The 2nd Amendment: For Muskets Only?” which highlights the wide array of firearms available at the period, including cannons, which were specifically allowed.

Crowder also takes a moment to respond to Kimmel’s comment about Americans’ reactions to “a guy with a beard” committing an act of terror by arguing that focusing security measures on radical Islamists is well-founded, citing a study that shows that Islamic attacks globally “account for more than 74% of all deaths from terrorism.”

As for Kimmel’s dismissive reference to travel bans and building walls, Crowder underscores that those types of security policies “work everywhere they’ve been implemented, from Israel to Hungary. Israel experienced a 90% drop in terror attacks after building a fence on the West Bank. Hungary cut its influx of migrants from several thousand a day to less than 40.”

Crowder then takes down Kimmel’s statement that “all” of the mass shootings have been committed with “automatic or semi-automatic guns.” Crowder notes that handguns are by far the most commonly used weapons for shootings, including those involving four or more people. He also blasts Kimmel’s attempt to conflate “automatic” and “semiautomatic.”

“Most guns that are sold today [are] semi-automatic,” he says. “Fully-automatic is heavily regulated and basically is not available to the average person.”

In response to Kimmel’s claim that these types of guns are not used defensively, Crowder said he couldn’t be more wrong, citing census bureau information showing that the guns are used defensively more often than offensively, including rifles.

Crowder goes on to take down Kimmel’s other misleading or outright false claims, including that the administration has made it easier for people with mental health issues to have access to guns and the Left’s repeated talking point about the so-called “gun show loophole” (which Crowder exposes in another video).


Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro also addressed the fallacies in Kimmel’s speech.


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