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‘Star Trek’ Actor Walter Koenig Bashes Trump Voters: ‘Heinous Moment In American History’
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - AUGUST 02: Actor Walter Koenig speaks during "The Original Series" panel at the 18th annual Official Star Trek Convention at the Rio Hotel & Casino on August 02, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Another “Star Trek” regular has joined the chorus of “Star Trek” actors shamelessly bashing President Trump and his supporters: Walter Koenig, forever enshrined in the pop-cultural canon as Pavel Chekov from “Star Trek: The Original Series.”

Speaking to the far-left outlet Salon on Monday, Koenig described the Trump era as “a particularly heinous moment in American history” while lamenting how Gene Rodenberry’s vision of the future failed to materialize.

“The state of the world is dreadful. It depresses me to no end. ‘Star Trek’ is a welcome respite from the infamy of the Trump administration and all the problems we are living with,” said Koenig. “I think this is a particularly heinous moment in American history with Donald Trump. This is not only because of a few individuals who now have control of the government but that there is so much support for them. There’s so much vitriol, discontent and anger. These people are willing to sacrifice the good things in our culture and in our life to support evil things. We as a country and a culture have not gotten to a positive place of progress from which we are not willing to retreat from.”

“It just goes on and on,” he continued. “We have the good folks, the people that we believe in. For example, when Barack Obama became president, I thought to myself, ‘My God. We have really turned a corner. I am so proud to live to see this happen.’ And then we have Donald Trump. There is a certain despair that follows me, that haunts me, because we’re still doing the same things.”

Koenig, however, urged people to hold on to hope that the world will get better.

“If we do not have hope, then we’re surrendering. Then we’re giving up,” he said. “Hope may be temporary. It may last for five years or 10 years. We are driven to make things better. We have that dream to make a better world.”

Koenig is far from the first and only “Star Trek” cast member to publicly bash Trump. In fact, Sir Patrick Stewart made it his mission to have the recent “Star Trek: Picard” reboot reflect the “f**ked” world of Brexit and Trump.

“In a way, the world of ‘Next Generation’ had been too perfect and too protected,” said Stewart told Variety. “It was the Enterprise. It was a safe world of respect and communication and care and, sometimes, fun. [The show] was me responding to the world of Brexit and Trump and feeling, ‘Why hasn’t the Federation changed? Why hasn’t Starfleet changed?’ Maybe they’re not as reliable and trustworthy as we all thought.”

“I’m not sure which one of us is in the most trouble,” added Stewart. “I think it’s actually the U.K. I think we’re f***ed, completely f***ed.”

Prior to that interview, Stewart apologized on behalf of his British citizens for the Brexit vote.

Former “Star Trek” actor George Takei routinely bashes President Trump on his Twitter page. “The thing about Trump voters is that they do not even realize they are enabling the desolation of our Republic,” Takei recently wrote.