Staind Singer Aaron Lewis Angers Left with Conservative-Themed Song, Record Label Refuses to Cancel Him
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Staind frontman Aaron Lewis has a musical message for liberals: He loves his country and his flag, and he’s tired of watching the Left tear the nation apart.

In a new song titled “Am I the Only One,” released just before the July 4th holiday, the singer asks:

“Am I the only one who quits singin’ along

Every time they play a Springsteen song …

Am I the only one sittin’ here

Still holdin’ on, holdin’ back my tears

For the ones who paid with the lives they gave

God bless the U.S.A

I’m not the only one, willin’ to fight

For my love of the red and white

And the blue, burnin’ on the ground

Another statue comin’ down in a town near you

Watchin’ the threads of Old Glory come undone

I’m not the only one

Lewis’ patriotic fervor angered leftists like popular music blogger and longtime critic Bob Lefsetz, who wrote a scathing review of the tune.

“It’s HEINOUS!,” Lefsetz said. “This middle class, right-wing wanker has recorded a song that should have been played at CPAC, in between speeches by nitwits like Lauren Boebert saying to refuse the “Fauci ouchie.”

Lefetz went on to slam Lewis’ label for releasing the song, saying, “Why does [the Valory music company] release such crap? Come on Scott Borchetta, David Geffen dropped the Geto Boys over their odious lyrics and now you’re marketing this junk … You see Geffen made billions and they all want that money too. Come on Scott, get your head out of your rear end.”

As Fox News first reported, Borchetta, the head of Big Machine, Valory’s parent company, responded with a lengthy statement.

“Firstly, I believe in the First Amendment,” Borchetta said. “My job has never been to tell my artists what to sing and write about.  My job has always been about identifying unique talent with a unique voice and a unique point of view.”

Borchetta then went on to point out that his label has produced left-wing songs as well, like Sheryl Crow’s single, “The Woman in the White House.”

He finished with this pointed rebuke of cancel culture in the music industry:

Aaron Lewis and I have political disagreements.  But there are also things we agree on.  I think that’s the foundation for the idea of our country.  It doesn’t work if we’re so divided that we can’t reach across the aisle, have a conversation or an argument, and ultimately, shake hands.  If we can’t do that, and this moment is so divisive, we may never get our country back.

To just ‘cancel’ (drop) Aaron is ridiculous and I’m disappointed that you would even suggest such a thing.

Though Lewis made his mark in the music industry as a hard rock singer, “Am I the Only One” is a massive hit in the Country genre, entering the Billboard chart at number one. According to Digital Music News, there have been “4 million streams of the track in the past week alone. And that’s before the track goes to country radio.”

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