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Spielberg: Next Indiana Jones Could Be A Woman

By  Paul Bois

It looks as though Steven Spielberg wishes to join George Lucas in the fight to destroy as many childhood memories as humanly possible. Already halfway there with the dreadful “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” the director has proposed giving the beloved character Indiana Jones a sex change.

Speaking to The Sun, Spielberg actually said that when Harrison Ford hangs up his hat and whip as the globe-trotting archeologist, a woman could take the role under the name “Indiana Joan.”

“We’d have to change the name from Jones to Joan,” Spielberg said. “And there would be nothing wrong with that.”

Except that character already exists, and her name is Lara Croft, and her franchise is “Tomb Raider,” and she has been played by both Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander. Clearly, as “Wonder Woman” and “Tomb Raider” and “Aliens” and “Kill Bill” have shown, an action movie franchise can be built with a woman in the title role without castrating a male in the process.

Spielberg thinks his statement is a paragon of wokeness, but it’s actually quite condescending, not just to men, but also to women. Similar to those who called for a gender-swap on James Bond, Spielberg’s notion (however flippant or off-the-cuff) that Indiana Jones should be a woman in the name of “gender equality” demeans and insults those he wishes to empower. If women are fully capable of leading an action franchise (which they most certainly are), then they should be given the dignity of uniquely crafted characters, not hand-me-downs from their male counterparts. To suggest that a woman or a black man or anyone else can only get ahead if a white male paves the way for them is insulting.

Spielberg pointed out that his mother was a deep source of inspiration for his views on gender, considering that his dad could not be around much as a child.

“My mom was strong. She had a voice, she had a very strong opinion,” said Spielberg. “I have been very lucky to be influenced by women, several of whom I have just loved madly — my mom and my wife.”

At least one more “Indiana Jones” movie will star Harrison Ford, and that is set to debut in 2020. Shia LaBeouf will not be returning, thus derailing his set up as the next hero at the end of “Crystal Skull.”

Spielberg’s political correctness has ratcheted up in recent days. Following the #MeToo movement, he suggested a gender affirmative action for the Oscar nominees and has spoken openly about gun control.

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