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Spicer: Trump LOVED My Emmy Bit

By  Paul Bois

Spicey’s back! No, not Melissa McCarthy in a bald wig, but rather the former press secretary to President Trump, and he’s milking the press for everything its got.

Shortly after his funny appearance at the Emmy Awards this past weekend, Sean Spicer sat down with Paula Faris of ABC’s Good Morning America for a face-to-face about his days in the Trump White House. Speaking of that Emmy appearance, Spicer said his former boss couldn’t get enough of it.

“He thought I did a great job. … It was very reassuring,” Spicer said.

The president may have loved it, as well as conservatives, but leftists, not so much. Shortly after his appearance, the mainstream media opened fire on Spicer and chastised the Emmys for giving him a platform.

“Power is all about who gets forgiven. Who gets fresh starts,” Chris Hayes of MSNBC said on Twitter.

“The degree to which Sean Spicer has faced no consequences is a glimpse into the post-Trump future,” said Jamelle Bouie of Slate.

Spicer responded to the backlash.

“I feel very good with my image. I’m very happy with myself,” he said. “I am able to go out and explain a lot of things now. But I’m not on a tour. I’m out having some fun.”

Despite what his detractors said, Spicer is not on some “rehabilitation” tour to repair his image.

“There are things that I did during my time there that … I needed to go out and correct. I did that. Where there were mistakes that were made that I got something wrong, I think I’ve owned that,” Spicer said.

“I know that there are some folks that, no matter what we say or do … some folks in the media … think that, you know, everything that we did was wrong and want some blanket apology — that’s not happening,” he added.

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