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‘South Park’ Mocks Trump, Bashes Police, Trashes Disney

"I can’t take these shutdowns anymore..."
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The usually politically incorrect “South Park” returned this week with a one-hour “Pandemic Special” that mocked President Donald Trump, fueled the fire of Black Lives Matter rhetoric by its portrayal of police, and bashed Disney for its incestuous business relationship with communist China.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the episode hit Trump with every insult in its arsenal by portraying him (as played by his “South Park” avatar Mr. Garrison) as an incompetent buffoon who lounges in his Oval Office as the COVID-19 pandemic ravages America.

“Midway through the episode, Trump (played by Mr. Garrison, who has served as the show’s stand-in for Trump since season 19) is shown lounging in the Oval Office refusing to take urgent calls from the CDC, FDA, and Dr. Anthony Fauci,” reported EW. “Stan Marsh manages to get through and explains that Trump/Garrison might be able to stop the pandemic if he visits the town of South Park. The president refuses, noting that he ‘made a promise to the American people to get rid of all the Mexicans.'”

“When Stan notes that COVID kills more than just Latinos, Trump says that the virus is ‘still killing a lot of them’ and then pulls out a chart showing how the coronavirus disproportionately impacts people of color,'” continued the report.

Garrison/Trump then tells Stan that because COVID-19 is such an efficient killer of minorities, he just has to “guide the avalanche in the right direction” to fulfill his promise to the American people.

“I was doing a crap job until this pandemic happened,” says Garrison/Trump.

“You’re just going to sit there and not do anything?” Stan asks.

“I’m going to actively not do anything,” Garrison/Trump replies. “And you can [expletive] and die.”

At the episode’s end, Garrison/Trump kills the scientists who discovered the COVID-19 vaccine with a flamethrower to prevent a cure.

Beyond Trump, the episode also waded into the Black Lives Matter debate by showing “South Park” police covering up the accidental killing of a black student (a nod to Breonna Taylor) and “murdering kids caught out after curfew.

Straying away from divisive politics by picking a more universal object of derision, the episode severely criticizes Disney for making a “deal with the devil” by pandering to China.

At the episode’s climax, the character Stan gives an emotional speech about the pandemic that most Americans can relate to.

“I can’t take these shutdowns anymore and I’m scared what it’s doing to me,” he says. “I’m looking for who to blame — saying I’m trying to help people to make myself feel better. The truth is I just want to have fun again. I wanted to see that I could go out in the world and do things I used to do, but I can’t. I’m not any better and I don’t care any more than anyone else. I did all this because I just want my life back. I just want my life back.”

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