Sony Pictures Will Move Forward With Peter Fonda Film


On Wednesday, actor Peter Fonda tweeted out that he thought White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was a “lying gash,” suggested that perhaps she should be separated from her children, called for doxxing ICE agents, and stated, “WE SHOULD RIP BARRON TRUMP FROM HIS MOTHER’S ARMS AND PUT HIM IN A CAGE WITH PEDOPHILES AND SEE IF MOTHER WILL STAND UP AGAINST THE GIANT A**HOLE SHE IS MARRIED TO.”

He has since apologized.

Nonetheless, Sony Pictures Classics announced that they would release his new film, Boundaries, also starring Vera Farmiga and Christopher Plummer. This is only worthy of note because Roseanne Barr’s show was immediately shut down after she tweeted a racist slur at former Obama official Valerie Jarrett. The “shut down this production” standard apparently only works when someone says something untoward about a member of the political Left.

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