Somali Refugee Stabs Students, Left Blames Guns


So, it turns out that the supposed mass shooting at Ohio State University today was actually a mass stabbing allegedly perpetrated by a 20-year-old Somali refugee named Ali Mohammed, who drove his car into a crowd and then hopped out, hacking innocents with a butcher knife.

This has been a humiliating experience for the left, which immediately jumped to typical gun control talking points based on their desired story. #GunControl began trending on Twitter. Major personalities sounded off:

Then there were those who realized that they’d gotten the story wrong, but still stuck with the gun control narrative:

No, actually, it’s an argument for students having guns to stop bad guys with knives, considering that this assailant was only stopped by a cop with a gun.

But this is the problem with the narrative-ization of news: everyone’s already looking for a story to be a peg for their broader worldview. If the peg won’t fit, well dammit, the story will have to change. Each violent incident should be analyzed on its own merits – and certainly on its own facts. Because that’s too much to ask for, apparently, we’ll all retreat into our ideological safe spaces as news breaks, waiting for details that confirm what we already thought about the universe, facts be damned.

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