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Socialist Democrat’s Post On What Will ‘Terrify’ Republicans Sparks Troll Wars

By  James Barrett

Democratic socialist and leader of the #AbolishICE movement Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has continued to frequent the headlines since her upset victory over the incumbent Democrat who many believed would be Nancy Pelosi’s successor. Amid working to mainstream her radical positions, Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter to declare what will truly “terrify” the GOP.

“If you think the GOP is terrified of my politics now, just wait until they find out about public libraries,” she wrote in a tweet noted by Twitchy.

Twitter trolls had some fun with that one. A few examples:

While the post prompted replies by several critics, Ocasio-Cortez’s die-hard supporters came to her defense — and to the defense of her brand of socialism, which prompted more responses from critics:

Ocasio-Cortez is highly active on Twitter, regularly defending her hard-left stances and working to promote the agenda of the Bernie Sanders wing of the party. A few of her recent posts:

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