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So, Uh, Guess How Many American Flags Were at The DNC.

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

On Monday, the Democratic National Convention chaotically kicked off in Philadelphia, though one thing was noticeably missing.

It wasn’t an “all-gender restroom” placed directly across from the press box. That was there. Nor was it a super-important “Gluten-Free Zone.” That was also there.

But, shockingly, there were zero American flags on the DNC stage. Who could have guessed that the party whose members were outside screaming “American was never great” during the RNC would be the same party to leave out our American flag on their stage?

Below is the DNC stage.

As you can see, the RNC stage was…a bit different.

Fox News weekend anchor and Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson noticed the same omission from the Democrats.

“I thought it was the most disorganized event I have ever covered in 25 years. It was the most badly organized, bizarre event,” stated Carlson, on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning. There were “no American flags” but a “line of speakers urging Americans to break the law,” he added, referring to the illegal immigrants trotted out on stage.

“I mean the whole thing was like an alternate reality,” he concluded.

Fox’s Pete Hegseth, a military vet, chimed in: This was “utter leftism on full-display on that floor, [and] unapologetic about it.” There was only one mention of the military, for POWs, which received “almost no applause,” added Hegseth.

And, as has been confirmed by even left-wing Politifact, despite trotting out 61 speakers, not a single one of them mentioned ISIS or radical Islamic terror once.

Speaking of this anti-American feel, the DNC actually had to post the words to the Pledge of Allegiance to help out attendees. And naturally, some attendees politicized the pledge, screaming, “liberty and justice FOR ALL! FOR ALL!”

To be fair, there was some flag burning at the RNC…by protesting leftists screaming that America was never great.

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