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So How Many Times Did Obama Refer To Himself In Speech About Hillary? You Won’t Believe It.

President Obama went all in for Hillary Clinton Wednesday, throwing down his presidential legacy and all his political and racial credentials to try to convince the disenfranchised, bitter “Berners” and rightly unenthused black voters to elect the most establishment and corrupt politician ever to run for the highest office. But as we’ve come to expect, in an Obama speech about, well, anything, it ended up being a whole lot more about himself than the subject at hand. And, frankly, with Clinton as the subject, it was probably a good move.

In a mesmerizing video, Grabien highlights all the times Obama referenced himself in his speech at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday. The total tally: a stunning 119 times.

As Grabien chronicled, those 119 self-references surpass the 76 times he referenced himself in his 33-minute gun control speech on Jan 5, 2016, the 28 times he brought himself up in a 12-minute speech following a mass shooting Oct 1, 2015, and just barely edges the incredible 118 times he talked about ol’ Barry in a 33-minute speech in India on Jan. 27, 2015. Narcissism or just an acknowledgment that the only positive thing he’s ever really had is his personal likability? Why not both?

As for his speech endorsing the woman everyone knows he hates Wednesday, some of the highlights that the media thought were really great include the president declaring that we don’t need to “Make America Great Again” because it’s already great — a particularly empty counter to Trump from a candidate who has been trying to “fundamentally transform” America because, as he and his party believe, America is a critically flawed, immoral bully that doesn’t care about minorities and women. Another argument highlighted by CNN and its ilk Wednesday was Obama say America doesn’t need Trump to be great — a line Trump no doubt welcomed as it shows just how much he’s controlling the debate.

In terms of self-references, Obama basically walked through all of his great achievements, including, incredibly, the massive failure ObamaCare, the treacherous Iran deal that threatens the very existence of our greatest ally in the Middle East, and reducing America’s reliance of foreign oil, which of course he had nothing to do with. Oh yeah, and “Obama Killed Osama.” ​

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Below is Obama’s full 45-minute “pass the baton” speech, calling on all those disgruntled Democrats to “summon what is best in us” and elect Hillary Clinton: