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So How Did Cruz Pull Out the Huge Win in Iowa? Here’s the Breakdown.

With the full force of the Trump Machine and the openly hostile media against him, Texas Senator Ted Cruz pulled out a significant win in Iowa Monday, beating frontrunner Donald Trump by four points. All the polls had Cruz trailing by about 5 leading up to the vote, making the results a dramatic 9-point swing.

So how did Cruz do it? He did it by winning over both men and women, young and old.

Cruz earned a total of 28 percent of the vote, with Trump and Marco Rubio in a tight contest for second, 24, 23, respectively—an impressive showing for Rubio, who no one expected would pull out a percent that high. CNN’s exit polls found that Cruz not only won, but pulled voters from every major category.

Cruz won the most men (29%) and women (27%) of all the candidates. He also earned the most votes of every age category: 17-29 (27%), 30-44 (31%), 45-64 (28%), 65+ (27%).

When education level is included, Cruz does not win all the categories, but performs well among all groups. He earned the most votes from those who attended college (32%), while Trump earned the most who did not (32%) and Rubio took the largest share of college graduates and post-graduates (27% and 29%, respectively).

Here are some of the results broken down by gender, age, and education provided by CNN:

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