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So, Another SlutWalk Happened During The Kavanaugh Confirmation

As feminists were pounding on the Supreme Court doors last week over the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, feminists on the West Coast partook in another Amber Rose SlutWalk.

According to LA Mag, the fourth annual SlutWalk was attended by “hundreds of women, children, and men,” who all marched through Downtown Los Angeles to take a stand “against slut-shaming, sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape culture, and more.”

“Just ’cause I show my legs, doesn’t mean I’ll spread them,” the march’s co-founder, Amber Rose, told the crowd at one point.

The march ended in Downtown Pershing square where the main event was held. Rose could be seen sporting a sign that read, “Wife a slut. We’re more fun.”

Various speakers took the stage, including prevention specialist Nooshin Valizadeh (or Dr. V), who exclaimed, “Anita Hill and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, we believe you” around the same time that Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed for a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court. Revelers were seen “dancing, celebrating their bodies, and empowering one another,” according to the outlet.

At one point, comedienne Jasmin Brown took the stage to impart an angry message.

“Instead of sitting here in f**king silence, we’re going to dance, we’re going to sing, we’re going to celebrate women,” said Brown. “I’m not going to make [these men] make me sad on SlutWalk day.”

Beyond the empowerment speeches, people were also invited to enjoy free STD testing and rape counseling. Speaking with E! News on Saturday, Rose said her event was meant to be sexually liberating.

“I feel like my SlutWalk is sexually liberating, body positive and we’re fighting back,” Rose said. “We’re allowed to be sexy. We’re allowed to dress how we want. It’s not an invitation to touch us inappropriately … we’re just not taking any shit anymore. It’s done. It’s over.”

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