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Smithsonian AA Tweets Out ‘Kwanzaa Facts,’ Misses Out On Most Important One

Today marks the first day of the racialist holiday known as Kwanzaa, or as Michael Knowles calls it: a holiday “invented by an insane leftist gangster who tortured women.”

Invented in 1966 by a convicted felon who was accused of torturing two women, the numbers of actual people who celebrate Kwanzaa have been hotly contested for several years now. The founder has claimed that as many as 28 million people celebrate it; the African American Cultural Center once claimed 30 million. However, in 2004, a survey for the National Retail Foundation discovered that 1.6% of those surveyed in the United States celebrated it. Even one of Kwanzaa’s big proponents, researcher and professor Keith Mayes, estimates that roughly 1 to 2 million people in the United States celebrate the “holiday.”

Those are some interesting facts. No surprise, then, that the Smithsonian National Musemum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) included none of them on their list of “Kwanzaa facts” they shared to commemorate the day:

They forgot to say “invented by a convicted felon.” Thanks to the internet, people are no longer so gullible, and responded in force: