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Slovakia Announces Intention To Move Embassy To Jerusalem As The Sixth Country To Do So

Just as many predicted, several countries are beginning to follow the United States’ lead and move their Israeli embassies to Jerusalem in defiance of the European Union.

According to Jewish Press, Andrej Danno, the Slovak National Council, told Reuven Rivlin, the President of Israel, that Slovakia plans to move their embassy to Jerusalem.

The decision was made by the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Peter Pellegrini.

Slovakia will be the sixth country to move their embassy to Jerusalem following the Trump administration’s decision to make the politically significant change.

Both Guatemala and Paraguay moved their Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem in May, just weeks after the United States.

The president of Colombia, Ivan Duque, also flirted with the idea of moving the Colombian embassy last month, saying he would not rule out “the possibility of placing the diplomatic seat in Jerusalem.”

Following President Trump’s announcement of the embassy move last year, both the EU and UN expressed their disagreement.

Jewish Press notes that in making the announcement, Slovakia is joining Bulgaria and Czech Republic in planning to move their embassies and breaking from EU’s policy of not recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.