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Sick Dirtbags Steal Life Savings Of America’s Oldest Veteran, 112-Year-Old Richard Overton

By  Michael Knowles

Richard Overton is a national treasure. At 112 years young, Mr. Overton is America’s oldest living veteran. He still lives in his own home and occasionally drives his 1973 Ford pickup truck. Overton credits his long life to three blessings: God, whiskey, and cigars, of which he smokes a dozen a day.

From 1942 to 1945, Richard Overton served in the U.S. Army on Guam, Hawaii, Palau, and Iwo Jima, where he saw the water along the beach turn to blood after one of the most gruesome battles of the Second World War claimed the lives of 6,800 Americans. Overton himself killed 30 enemy soldiers during the war and emerged, miraculously perhaps, unscathed.

Overton credits his military service with building his character, and he credits his survival during the war to God. “Made you more braver, stronger—I can sleep with every door open here without a lock on it,” he explained to National Geographic. He recalls of battle:

When you go in there, you just say, ‘Well, God has got me now. He gonna take care of you. If it’s your time to go, that bullet gonna get ya. If it ain’t your time to go, that bullet’s goin’ over your head. It ain’t gonna hit you. Man will kill you, but God is the one keep you alive.

God has kept Richard Overton alive for well over a century, but recently thieving demons have tried to take him down. Overton’s family reported on Friday that thieves managed to steal Richard’s Social Security number and bank account information, which they used to drain his life savings. Richard’s cousin Volma Overton Jr. discovered the theft after he deposited money into Richard’s personal account, which showed a balance of $0. Fortunately, the theft has not affected a GoFundMe account that raised funds a couple of years ago to allow Richard to remain in his home with 24-hour care. Unfortunately, the thieves made away with all of the money Richard relies on for living expenses.

We can pray that law enforcement tracks down the thieves and serves them an amuse-bouche of justice before the Lord dishes out their fiery just dessert in the hereafter. In the meantime, one might consider donating to Mr. Overton’s GoFundMe page, both as a rebuke to the dirtbags who robbed him and out of gratitude for the oldest living man to have risked his life for our freedom.

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