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SICK: Actress Pens ‘Love Letter’ to Baby-Dismembering Planned Parenthood

Just when you think Hollywood couldn’t possibly become more morally depraved, an actress pens a “love letter” to Planned Parenthood—the abortion mill responsible for murdering over 320,000 innocent babies annually—in honor of their 100th birthday of baby-dismembering.

How sweet.

“Law and Order” actress Stephanie March, who describes herself as a “privileged white girl,” declares that “we need Planned Parenthood now more than ever.” In the letter advocating for the scandal-ridden, lucrative “nonprofit,” March explains “providing” birth control makes Planned Parenthood morally good; pro-lifers are actually evil, ill-intentioned people; and the “struggles” in America for young girls are the same as those faced for young Kenyan girls.

According to March, providing birth control is reason enough to get behind Planned Parenthood. This, apparently, absolves the corporation of all their sins; we must look past the gruesome dismemberment of unborn babies, because… condoms. Or something.

“[W]hen I started to become sexually active, I went to Planned Parenthood to get my birth control — just like all the other teenage girls I knew,” writes March, who says she was 17-years-old when she began having sex.

“You can say what you like about morality and values and abstinence and sexual mores, but I have news for you: Teenagers have sex,” she later asserts.

Scoring more cool-points with the race-obsessed left, March then invokes her inherent “white privilege.”

“And as I mentioned before, I was a privileged white girl,” she says. “So what on earth were all the other girls doing? It would seem they were going to Planned Parenthood, too.”

Continuing to boast of the corporation, the star even brags of her great-grandmother co-founding a clinic in Texas.

“But I’m proud to say that isn’t my only connection to Planned Parenthood,” she writes. “In 1938, in San Angelo, TX, my great-grandmother Ruby Webster March cofounded the clinic that became Planned Parenthood of West Texas. That means I have very cool women in my family tree.”

“I owe the legacy of my great-grandmother and so many women like her the deepest debt of gratitude,” she later adds.

Then March spirals into a fit of delusion, hammering down on Planned Parenthood talking points and bashing pro-lifers for their apparently hideous “pro-family” stance.

“Many Planned Parenthood clinics across the country are shuttered,” she claims. “‘Family values,’ the vilification of Planned Parenthood’s work, terrorizing of the clinic staff, and radical de-funding (in the name of ‘saving’ us) has seen to that. Despite the facts that the clinics that perform abortions are separate legal and financial entities, that federal funds are not used to pay for abortions, and that abortion only constitutes 3% of the work Planned Parenthood does.”

Three falsehoods here: First, March is not naïve; she’s being intentionally deceptive about the separate-funding bit. The millions of tax dollars which are poured into Planned Parenthood do fund abortions, and Live Actions News explains three of those ways: State funding, Obamacare and Federal funding.

Second, the three 3 percent figure only works if you literally count handing someone a pamphlet as a “service.”

“Contrary to repeated claims by Planned Parenthood executives, mainstream media, and abortion advocates that abortion only accounts for 3 percent of its services, one in eight Planned Parenthood patients gets an abortion,” explains Live Action News. “The corporation commits over 30 percent of the nation’s abortions – over 320,000 abortions every year – or one abortion every 97 seconds.”

Third, pro-lifers don’t “vilify” Planned Parenthood; Planned Parenthood does that on their own by profiting off of killing babies.

Moving on, March despicably compares Kenyan girls being shamed for having their periods and unable to afford undergarments to the “struggle” women have in America today, which, presumably, can be cured by Planned Parenthood.

March writes of her time in Kenya:

The culture being what it is, national health workers often shame the sexually active girls, sometimes going so far as to tell them birth control will render them sterile. The school nurses don’t have a supply of sanitary napkins and are prohibited from handing out condoms, the young women themselves are too poor for so much as an extra pair of panties, and the men don’t give a damn whom they infect or get pregnant. What a completely bewildering landscape to navigate.

According to the actress, these struggles are “not very different from the ones we face here at home.” March concludes that baby-killing Planned Parenthood is the only way to provide “care” for girls.

“I wonder, with growing horror and disappointment, what options are available for the girls of today?” she muses.

The mention of unborn babies set to be murdered at the hands of the corporation was conspicuously absent from the disingenuous “love letter.”

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