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‘Shut In’ Earns Spot In ‘Most Popular Streaming Movies’ List On Rotten Tomatoes

The people have spoken: “Shut In” is one of the most popular streaming movies on Rotten Tomatoes right now. It’s all thanks to the extraordinary efforts of The Daily Wire, which is fighting back against liberal Hollywood by creating an alternative for entertainment.

Shut In” is proof positive that with the right producers, actors, and directors, the film industry doesn’t have to be a dumpster fire of woke garbage anymore.

There’s been a real disconnect between what audiences want and what Hollywood delivers. For years, people have put up with movies that are rife with overt liberal messaging, even if they don’t subscribe to those same ideas.

Enter “Shut In,” a psychological thriller that’s just as high quality as anything the major movie studios put out. Reviews for the movie were overwhelmingly positive, except for one scathing criticism released by a leftist reviewer who had never actually seen the movie.

Most of those on the opposite end of the political spectrum admitted that “Shut In” was a gripping drama with a strong message that anyone would enjoy.

The mostly left-leaning San Jose Mercury News praised “Shut In” as a “lean, efficient and often vicious horror/revenge flick that’ll suck you in no matter your political stripe.”

Critic Randy Myers also described the film as a “polished exercise in confined terror,” and called out the excellent quality of the screenplay.

User reviews were extremely good, earning “Shut In” an incredible 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes to go along with the 100% critic rating. This likely contributed to more people streaming the movie this weekend and truly enjoying the experience.

“Honestly very impressive for an original production from a non-major industry player,” one RT reviewer wrote. “The depth and craftsmanship with which the film is executed and the motifs fulfilled was extremely satisfying and left me reflecting far past just the plot of the movie.”

“I think it was a very solid movie and suspenseful movie,” another person agreed. “Great acting on all parts, and the scenes were very real. This is one I’d add to my movie collection.”

Reviewers also pointed out how the movie lacked political messaging in general, instead focusing on themes that are universal to the human experience. It’s such a simple concept yet has been lacking in Hollywood for so long that people forgot what they were missing.

“For a political podcast to actually make a movie that’s not political is surprising,” one viewer said. “But the fact that it has that feel of an actual movie theater movie and does not suck is very impressive. A solid movie.”

Shut In” is just the second piece of the puzzle of what The Daily Wire is creating in the entertainment industry. During the premiere, the company released two additional trailers for upcoming projects, including a superhero movie called “The Hyperions” starring Cary Elwes and the Western drama “Terror on the Prairie” starring Gina Carano. Both movies will be debuting in 2022.

The Daily Wire’s first original film, Shut In, has made its cinematic debut, being met with rave reviews. The Daily Wire is building an alternative to the leftist entertainment industry, one gripping movie at a time. Join us in this mission and stream Shut In today by becoming a Daily Wire member.

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