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Showtime’s ‘SMILF’ Packs More Moral Degeneracy Into First Episode Than Thought Possible

Our culture is rotting before our eyes. We’re proudly #ShoutingAbortions, promoting incest, and mainstreaming and indoctrinating our children with the ideals of transgenderism. A grim but likely accurate take from Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh is that we’re no longer on that rhetorical slippery slope, but at the bottom of the slope, saturated in our own disease-infested moral filth.

This rot is both instigated and reflected back to us most potently in our media.

Showtime’s latest series called SMILF (an acronym for “Single Mother I’d Like To F***”), for example, packs in more moral degeneracy in its first episode than one might think possible. To give a glimpse into the horror-fest, the scenes with actress Rosie O’Donnell were a breath of fresh air, relatively speaking.

NewsBusters’ Amelia Hamilton took one for the team, watching and reporting on the entire first episode. (Bless her.) Within 30 minutes, the main character named Bridget, played by Frankie Shaw, neglects her child, denigrates prayer, promotes abortion, tries to have sex with a man while her child is hidden under a blanket in the same room, masturbates while fantasizing about some sort of multiple-man orgy, talks endlessly about her vagina size post-baby, is introduced to “Hard Nipples Nelson” by her friend’s child-aged porn-addicted son, and more.

Again, the show is only 30 minutes.

Here’s a partial recap provided by Hamilton:

[T]he show opens with the main character Bridget (Frankie Shaw) impressing a group of men with her basketball skills and the song playing over this scene features the lyrics “Hey, bitch, wait til you see my dick.”


The first real scene of the show is little Larry’s bedtime routine. His newly-sober dad Rafi (Miguel Gomez), comes over every night to put Larry to bed and, on this particular night, Bridget “catches” him praying with his son. “Knock it off,” she tells him, “Come on, there’s no praying in this house.” A round of applause for this show taking three minutes to go after people of faith. Bridget tries to get Rafi to stay and hang out with her but, failing that, gets out her vibrator. So we get to watch that. Not enough? We see her fantasizing about the guy from the basketball court. And the other guys from the basketball court. At once.

In the morning, Bridget drops Larry off at her mom’s (Rosie O’Donnell) house, then heads to the doctor for a check up. It would appear that her health clinic is Planned Parenthood or another abortion clinic, because there’s a man outside with a sign who is telling people, “Pray for your baby.” … At the clinic, Bridget is obsessed with the idea that her lady parts might not be the same now that she’s given birth (this will be relevant later, unfortunately).

Her appointment over, Bridget heads to Ally’s (Connie Britton) house to tutor her daughter. As they look at her daughter’s book on art, one of the images shows some nudity, and Ally comments that this must be why her son is addicted to porn. In the next scene, we see that this porn-addicted son is only about 13. Ally has banned him from using electronics but, when she finds that he’s on her phone and is openly looking at pictures of “Hard Nipples Nelson,” she just takes her phone and sends him upstairs. Way to parent.

Speaking of good parenting, Bridget puts Larry to bed that night, then runs down to the corner store for junk food while he’s sleeping. … While Bridget is at the store, she runs into a guy she used to know, Jesse. So, when she gets home and is shoving junk food in her face, she texts him to ask a favor. She hasn’t has sex since Larry was born, so would he mind stopping by to help her out with that? This is a good time to mention that she and Larry share a bed. So, after she makes herself throw up the junk food she just ate, she covers Larry up, hoping he’ll stay still and sleep for an hour.

When Jesse comes to her apartment, Bridget immediately tells him to undress, then gets on the bed and pretends to be a slave about to be raped by her master. … Bridget doesn’t even want to kiss, she just wants Jesse to have sex with her and tell her if her vagina feels the same as it did before she had her baby. That’s the actual point of this bizarre booty call, and he’s ok with it until he looks over and sees little Larry’s foot sticking out from under his blanket right next to them on the same bed. He jumps up from the bed, and the audience gets full frontal male nudity. He dresses, but tells Bridget that everything seemed fine down there as he runs out the door.

But this “comedy” series is a great portrait of modernity, of what third-wave feminism has wrought: lonely women in tough circumstances who don’t respect themselves, reject God, and spew hollow feminist-inspired affirmations to themselves in a weak attempt to heal their pain.

Perhaps those anti-woman conservative bigots are on to something when they echo the cries of traditionalism.

Watch a promo for the show, below:

Watch the full episode, here.

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