SHOCKER: American Airlines Finds No Evidence Of Serial Liar Lena Dunham’s ‘Transphobic’ Airline Employees


Well there’s a damn shocker.

On Thursday, Lena Dunham tweeted that she overheard two American Airlines employees speaking — horror of horrors! — about how they believed that the transgender agenda was terrible for children. This required immediate action from the corporation, Big Sister (Who Once Masturbated Next To Her 11-Year-Old Sister) decided. Thus she announced her campaign to ferret out the wrongthink evildoers:

No, no, heavens forfend, no! These dastardly employees engaging in conversation about a hot button issue in a way that a woman who once wrongly accused an innocent man of rape cannot accept!

Except, as usual, there’s no evidence to back Dunham’s story.

On Friday, American Airlines told Fox News, “We always look into complaints from customers, but at this time, we are unable to substantiate these allegations.”


This would make yet another in a long line of lies from Dunham, who lied about a Republican named Barry raping her, then lied about adopting a previously-abused dog (the dog wasn’t previously-abused), then gave the dog away, reportedly violating her contract with the no-kill animal shelter where she adopted the dog in the process.

So now there’s no evidence of these horrible “transphobic” women from American Airlines doing anything untoward except for a serial liar’s word — a repeat liar who often fibs in order to forward her political agenda.

We should all stop paying attention to Lena Dunham. But the Left won’t let us. So we’ll just keep pointing out the fact that she’s a garbage human being.