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SHOCK: As Democrats Try To Stop Americans From Buying AR-15s, Americans Stock Up On AR-15s

Democrats have been demonizing AR-15s after the terrorist attack in Orlando, FL and many leftists are pushing for a reinstatement of the assault weapons ban. Shockingly, more Americans are stocking up on AR-15s in response.

Jay Wallace, owner of the gun store Adventure Outdoors, told Fox Business host Stuart Varney that he has sold over 15 AR-15s an hour since Sunday.

“[People] are afraid that the government is going to take [guns] away and there are folks that are in fear because of the times that we are living in today and those are two big reasons,” Wallace said.

Wallace also thinks that the rush to buy guns is because people view them as an investment since the value of the gun may increase.

“[AR-15s] start out around $500 and go up to $3,000,” Wallace said.

Wallace said something similar in an interview with Pix 11, as he pointed that on Monday he sold 35 AR-15s in a span of three hours, when his store usually sells two firearms a day. One customer in his store said she was buying a gun to arm herself in case of another mass shooting.

Another gun store owner, Tom Engel, told the UK Daily Mail that his Pennsylvania store, Hunter’s Warehouse, had sold between 13,000 and 15,000 firearms since Sunday.

The big gun manufacturers also saw increases in their shares:

Smith & Wesson, the Massachusetts-based manufacturer of handguns, saw its shares increase by as much as eight per cent the day after the shooting, although prices fell by more than four per cent today.

Shares of Connecticut-based Sturm, Ruger & Company saw a more than nine per cent jump in shares on Monday but also fell by around four per cent today.

While Vista Outdoor (VSTO), a company that’s headquartered in Utah and designs, develops and manufactures ammunition and related equipment, saw a two per cent increase on Monday.

This is what tends to happen after mass shootings: Democrats and leftists start clamoring to ban firearms, so Americans naturally go and buy firearms to protect themselves before the Democrats dry up the supply of guns. It’s the leftist gun paradox: they indirectly encourage more people to purchase the very weapon they despise.