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SHOCK: Bill Clinton Is Pro-Life

New audio has been released which reveals that former president Bill Clinton is more pro-life than you might think. According to Taylor Branch, a longtime friend of Clinton and award-winning biographer, Clinton thought that the pro-choice position was extreme, insensitive and that pro-choice activists selfishly “framed” their argument in terms which would allow a woman “to do whatever she wanted”—a far cry from his wife’s current position on abortion.

The pro-life remarks from President Clinton were exposed in May of 1997 when Bill Clinton callously suggested to Branch that Rick Santorum’s wife actually had an abortion and that their baby did not die from medical complications or the baby’s fatal condition.

Clinton’s comments about Santorum came during a discussion with Branch on partial-birth abortion, in which he complained that the insensitivity of the pro-choice movement made “a statesman out of Rick Santorum.”

Clinton said that pro-choice activists “framed the question selfishly by putting it in terms of a woman’s right to do whatever she wanted,” making it seem like they were fighting for a “selfish woman’s right to crush her baby’s skull.”

Clinton saw some of the pro-choice stances as extreme, such as the belief that third-trimester abortion should be legal.

“I believe that if you can’t make up your mind in the first six months, you don’t have the right to have an abortion,” Clinton said according to Branch.

“He said the pro-choice people have essentially allowed their own insensitivities to push them into a losing political situation and make a statesman out of Rick Santorum, which he rolled his eyes at,” said Branch.

The comments by Bill Clinton are in stark contrast to his wife’s radical position on abortion; Hillary Clinton has made it clear that abortion for any reason, at any time, is perfectly acceptable. As reported by Life News, Clinton called the proposal for a ban on 20-week abortions (where babies are capable of feeling pain) as “extreme and unacceptable.”

Hillary Clinton has sided with extremists on this issue time and again, proving how out of touch with the American people she really is (as a majority of Americans support such a ban).

Hillary Clinton is supported by groups with extreme positions on abortion like Emily’s List and Planned Parenthood—both of which have poured tons of money into her campaign. She even went as far to “stand with Planned Parenthood” after grotesque videos were released by the Center for Medical Progress this summer which revealed the abortion giant was altering abortion practices to profit off of fetal body parts sold to research centers.

Hillary Clinton even likened people with a pro-life position to terrorists while at a campaign event this summer in Ohio. “Now, extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups, we expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world, but it’s a little hard to take from Republicans who want to be the president of the United States,” said Clinton.

“I believe that if you can’t make up your mind in the first six months, you don’t have the right to have an abortion.”

Bill Clinton, allegedly

Unlike her husband, the current Democratic presidential frontrunner’s position is that abortion should be on demand, with no exceptions; anything else would be “unacceptable.”

To listen to the audio of Taylor Branch reiterating what Clinton had told him in interviews at the White House on May 26, 1997, provided by The Free Beacon, click here.

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