‘Shield Against Thieves’: Alaska Man With Legal Pistol Stopped Attempted Robbery
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A man put an end to a robbery attempt in Fairbanks, Alaska, when he retrieved his pistol from his car and held a suspect at gunpoint until law enforcement came to the scene.

The man, Nick Moore, is a resident of Fairbanks and was getting his morning breakfast and a Red Bull at a Holiday gas station on Friday when a 17-year-old allegedly came into the store with a knife and told the workers that he was robbing it.

“I kind of backed up a little bit to see what he was going to do, but I kind of already had [an] inkling in my head of what he was going to do,” Moore told local television station KTVF.

“I put my stuff on the counter, snuck out the door, ran to my car, grabbed my pistol, and came back up to the door – and as I came up the door, he just turned to look at me. I racked my slide on my pistol and pointed it at him and he put his hands up,” Moore said. He told the person to set down his knife and get on the ground with his face down as they waited for authorities to get there.

The outlet reported, “Charging documents say that after troopers arrived they quickly placed the suspect under arrest. He was charged with attempted robbery in the first degree and third-degree assault.”

The workers at the store bought Moore breakfast after the suspect was arrested.

Moore said that he was glad that he had his gun, although he wasn’t planning to use it. On guns, he said, “They’re a shield against thieves, a deterrent against most crimes if people if people know that your establishment could be armed or people in that establishment could be armed.”

The incident comes as gun rights are on full debate in the United States and Washington, D.C., after several mass shootings in recent weeks. Lawmakers have vowed to create effective change to prevent shootings from taking place, however, some are criticizing Democrats’  timing of such efforts. Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas spoke out against Democrats and their push for change when shootings happen.

The Daily Wire reported:

“The senator from Connecticut just said, ‘It’s time for us to do something,” Cruz stated. “I agree; it’s time for us to do something. And every time there’s a shooting, we play this ridiculous theater where this committee gets together and proposes a bunch of laws that would do nothing to stop these murders. The senator from Connecticut just said the folks on the other side of the aisle have no solutions. Well, the senator from Connecticut knows that is false. And he knows that’s false because Senator Grassley and I together introduced legislation, Grassley-Cruz, that targeted at violent criminals, targeted at felons, targeted at fugitives, targeted at those with serious mental disease, to stop them from getting firearms, to put them in prison when they try to illegally buy guns.”

“What happens in this committee after every mass shooting is Democrats propose taking away guns from law-abiding citizens because that’s their political objective,” Cruz continued. “But what they propose, not only does it not reduce crime, it makes it worse. The jurisdictions in this country with the strictest gun control have among the highest rates of crime and murder. When you disarm law-abiding citizens you make them more likely to be victims.”

“If you want to stop these murders, go after the murderers,” Cruz argued. 

President Joe Biden seemed to admit that timing plays a factor in decisions about when to advocate for gun control laws in the first press conference of his presidency last week.

The Daily Wire reported:

Democrat President Joe Biden appeared to admit during Thursday’s press conference that his crackdown on Second Amendment rights is “all about timing,” a comment that gun advocates said was a reference to aligning his actions with tragedies like Monday’s mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado.

“Wondering if you’ve made a decision either about sending the manufacturer liability bill that you’ve promised on day one to Capitol Hill?” left-wing reporter Justin Sink asked. “Or executive actions like going after ghost guns or giving money to citizen states to battle gun control?”

“All the above,” Biden responded. “It’s a matter of timing. As you’ve all observed, successful presidents better than me have been successful in large part because they know how to time what they’re doing, order it, decide the priorities what needs to be done.”

Regarding the suspect in the Alaska attempted robbery, Nick Moore said that he is hoping that the arrest is a wakeup call for him and that the young man changes his life.

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