‘She’s Gone Forever’: Actress Florence Pugh Says Doing Marvel Really ‘Pissed Off’ People In Indie Community

Florence Pugh attends Marvel Studios' "Black Widow" world premier fan event at Cineworld Leicester Square on June 29, 2021 in London, England.
Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures UK

Hollywood star Florence Pugh said that when she decided to branch out of the indie film world to appear in several Marvel projects, people in that community were really “pissed off” at her and thought she was “gone forever.”

During the 27-year-old actress’ interview with Time magazine, Pugh said she never thought she was turning her back on that part of the industry when she decided to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe to star alongside Scarlett Johansson in “Black Widow.”

“So many people in the indie film world were really pissed off at me,” the actress said. “They were like, ‘Great, now she’s gone forever.’ And I’m like, no, I’m working as hard as I used to work.”

“I’ve always done back-to-back movies,” she added. “It’s just people are watching them now. You just have to be a bit more organized with your schedule.”

While the move to take on the role of Black Widow’s sister Yelena Belova and later to reprise the role in the Disney+ series “Hawkeye” made the actress go mainstream, she said she hasn’t stopped taking on independent film roles.

Pugh previously said there were those in the industry who told her she was “never going to go back to small movies again” because of how big the MCU is — something that she said would upset her, Total Film noted.

“It always kind of wound me up,” Florence said. “Because I think there’s beauty in all types of those films. There’s beauty in the massive, epic storylines like ‘Dune,’ like Marvel, like even ‘Oppenheimer’ that I did.”


“They’re amazing, mega movies. And then there’s also beauty in all these little ones that not everyone is going to see, but are going to affect the right person at the right time,” she added. “I’ve never, ever only thought that I was going to just do one type of movie. I’ve always known that I want to dabble in all areas.”

In between doing the Marvel projects, Pugh did Sebastian Lelio’s Netflix drama “The Wonder” and more recently had one of the leads in Zach Braff’s latest indie project, “A Good Person,” in which she starred alongside Morgan Freeman, Variety noted.

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