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Shero! Female Arby’s Employee Chases Down Armed Robber With Glock

On Monday, the director of operations at an Arby’s in Sterling Heights, Michigan, chased down a robber in her Dodge Charger, carrying a 9MM Glock.

Marcia Rabideau was in the restaurant when one of her employees, an Arby’s manager, banged on the door of the business and shouted that he had just been robbed.

Rabideau said that she could see the armed robber running away from the scene, so she jumped into her car and followed him down the road:

I didn’t think, I just reacted!

Rabideau chased the armed robber to a river bank where she pulled out her Glock 9mm pistol, holding him at gunpoint until the police arrived and arrested him. Authorities also apprehended an accomplice in a nearby getaway car with a one-year-old child inside. The child has been returned to his mother.

The robber had stolen seven deposits from the Arby’s manager. Rabineau told MLive: “There was just no way in hell I was going to let him get away with seven deposits. … So now they will have child endangerment charges, too.”

Writing about the incident on Facebook, Rabideau said: “… holding him there by gun point until the police arrive was priceless!”

Rabideau used to head up an Arson Watch group in Saginaw, and her husband is the Police Chief for the village of St. Charles, according to MLive.