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She Was Convicted Of Falsely Accusing Men Of Rape. She Was Just Allowed To Go Home.
A British teenager who accused seven Israelis of gang rape covers her face as she comes in the Larnaca District Court on November 01, 2019.

As I have documented many times in the past, women who make false accusations of rape against men are rarely, if ever, punished. Even when they are punished, the sentence is far less than what the falsely accused man would have received had the woman’s deception not been discovered.

And so it goes in Cyprus, where a 19-year-old British woman was found guilty in late December of lying about being raped by 12 Israeli men. As The Daily Wire previously reported:

The woman waited several hours after the alleged incident on July 17 to report it to police. The men were arrested shortly after. The Telegraph reported that two weeks later, the woman was questioned by Cyprus police for eight hours. The outlet reported the woman did not have a lawyer or family member present during this time. During her questioning, the woman admitted to making up the claims and even signed a document retracting her initial accusations and apologizing.

The woman – who has not been named by media outlets even though she was convicted of a crime (accuser privilege) – was arrested and the men were released. The woman told authorities she agreed to have sex with one of the men but was embarrassed when others filmed the encounter. That’s why she made up the false accusations.

Women’s rights group claimed the woman was wrongly convicted and restated that we must believe every accusation made by a woman. Activists “have used every cliché in the book to excuse the woman’s inconsistent stories and her admission that she made up the allegations,” The Daily Wire previously reported.

But because we live in a “believe all women” world, the convicted woman won’t face punishment despite the court’s finding. A Cyprus judge gave the woman a four-month suspended jail sentence, meaning she won’t be going to jail and is free to return to the U.K. In a move that never happens when men are convicted, Judge Michalis Papathanasiou told the convicted woman that she “deserves a second chance,” according to The Times Of London.

The men she falsely accused certainly wouldn’t have received such accommodation.

“I admit that I have been troubled over this — all the evidence shows she had lied and prevented the police from doing other serious jobs. Twelve people were arrested and at least seven were not free for ten days,” Papathanasiou said. “This is also a serious offence but the fact that she has missed her academic studies and her youthfulness, in prison for a month, away from her home and family have led to be deciding for the sentence to be suspended.”

Missing from those remarks are the fact that the woman’s lies are what led to her missing school and being in prison for a month. The men lost a week of their life – and will forever be viewed as potential rapists – because of her lies. She shouldn’t get pardoned because her own actions led to her turmoil.

Media outlets have predictably reported this story from the side that the investigation was botched and the woman was innocent. Selectively choosing what to report is a conscious choice to control the narrative. We have not seen what evidence the court saw, so we cannot know what truly led to their decision to find her guilty – something that rarely occurs in such cases.

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