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She Made Three False Accusations Of Rape Against The Same Man. She Received No Jail Time.
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A woman who has made three false accusations of rape against the same man won’t be going to jail because a judge said she had “very difficult personal circumstances.”

Those “circumstances,” include alcoholism and alleged domestic abuse, circumstances that would not help a man.

Hannah Harkin, 51, of Omagh, Ireland, falsely accused an ex-partner of rape three times, the Belfast Telegraph reported. On her third false accusation, she should have faced prison time, but instead she received only a suspended sentence. During sentencing, Judge Paul Ramsey explicitly said he kept her out of jail because of her “very difficult personal circumstances.”

“It’s clear she has had a very traumatic life including domestic abuse and beatings,” Ramsey said, according to the Telegraph. “She has battled with alcoholism for more than 20 years and her harrowing personal circumstances are an important explanatory factor of this offence. She is a very vulnerable lady who has been taken advantage of throughout her life by different men who have abused her.”

“For this type of offence normally prison follows, as it is not just an attack on the victim but also the justice system, and has an effect on genuine victims coming forward and being believed,” he added. “This is an offence which strikes at the heart of the administration of justice. She made a wholly false and wicked allegation against an innocent man, which caused a great deal of upset.”

Instead, Harkin was sentenced to 18 months in prison – but suspended for two years, meaning she will not go to prison unless she commits a similar crime in the next two years.

Judge Ramsey credited Harkin for almost immediately admitting she made a false accusation, telling police the day after she made the third accusation that it was false. Because she “confessed very publicly,” Ramsey said, putting her in prison immediately was “not appropriate.”

In court, prosecutors noted that Harkin made the third false accusation in November 2018 after getting drunk. She allegedly made the allegations over “dissatisfaction” in the relationship with her victim, whom she claimed was “using her for sex.” Prosecutors also said the woman was “very tearful” when she made her third false accusation to police.

Harkin told the court she “deeply regretted” continuously making false accusations against the man. When asked why she had made the false accusations, she said: “I was drunk, I know it was wrong but I felt he was walking all over me and I just couldn’t see it.

“Of course, I deeply regret what I did but I was battling an alcohol addiction. I had a drink problem. All I know is I won’t be doing anything like this again. I was angry and drunk when I called the police. I’m sorry it happened,” she added.

Before making the multiple false allegations against the man, Harkin was known for lying to police about her son’s alibi 18 years ago. Her son, Gerard Donnell, beat a man to death with a pick-axe handle in 2003. Harkin provided her son a false alibi and was convicted of withholding information from police. She was forced to move from her home due to anger from her neighbors.

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