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She Claimed He Raped Her After He Ended Their Relationship. She Was Just Sentenced To 32 Months In Jail For Her False Accusation.
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A 60-year-old woman in Nottingham, England, was sentenced to 32 months in prison after pleading guilty to perverting the course of justice between June 2019 and February 2020.

Local newspaper the Mansifeld and Ashfield Chad reported that Lena Hallam falsely accused her ex-husband of rape after he tried to move on with his life and met someone new. Hallam was also reportedly abusive to the man prior to their relationship ending and her falsely accusing him of rape. The “final straw,” the Chad reported, came when Hallam threw a table at the man.

“Despite this, they continued to have an ‘amicable relationship’ and would meet on Sundays to have sex and spend the day together,” the outlet reported, citing information presented in court. “She bought ‘risque lingerie’ in anticipation of meeting on Sunday, June 30, 2019, when they had consensual sex and later told friends how much she enjoyed it.”

Shortly after, however, the man told her he wanted to move on with his life, having met a woman in Thailand while on vacation. Prosecutor Stuart Lody told Nottingham Crown Court that Hallam’s “love turned into rage” after learning this.

“It may have been that he would have ended up in the dock were it not for two factors,” Lody said, according to the Chad. The first factor was what Lody described as the “assiduous detective work” of detective constable Rachel Sissions, who initially suspected Hallam was lying. The second factor was Hallam’s attempts to “embroil friends in her lies,” Lody said, describing how Hallam spread rumors on Facebook that her ex was “a thief, had raped her, and was generally a bad man.” A friend of Hallam’s actually told police that “they were about to be lied to.” Hallam’s friend also told police that the bruises Hallam claimed she received from the “rape” were actually caused by a medical condition.

Police also reviewed text messages between Hallam and her ex-husband that showed the truth.

Hallam’s ex-husband told the court that he was paranoid that her false accusations would make people believe he was a sex offender.

Even though she pleaded guilty, Hallam maintained she was telling the truth, which led to her relatively lengthy prison sentence. Most women who make false accusations – even against named individuals who see their reputations harmed – receive little to no jail time.

Digby Johnson, who mitigated on behalf of Hallam, sought sympathy for the woman because she had not prior convictions and had a disabled daughter.

“In her mind they were going to spend the rest of their lives together,” Johnson said of Hallam’s thoughts regarding her ex-husband. He added that their “ongoing contact” was “confusing” to Hallam.

“It’s clear that her obsession with him is certainly something that festers within her,” Johnson said. “She feels she was used. She has responded in a criminal way. She bitterly regrets the effect this will have on her daughter.”

Judge Stuart Rafferty, however, didn’t mince words when he addressed Hallam’s deceit.

“You had every opportunity to say either, ‘I have made a mistake’, or ‘actually it didn’t happen,’” Rafferty said. “Even now you steadfastly refuse to do it. Why? Undoubtedly the answer lies within the psychological report. You need to feel loved because of things that may or may not have happened in your past.”

Rafferty added that he may have had more sympathy for Hallam if she had sought help, but instead it appeared her “rigidity of thinking” was likely “untreatable.

“You were prepared to cause other people to commit other criminal offences to support you,” Rafferty added before sentencing Hallam to 32 months in prison and a enacting a restraining order.

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