Shapiro At ‘Newsweek’: Why Millennials Are Falling Behind


This week, a study from the Health Foundation, a charitable foundation from Great Britain, found that millennials in the country were likely to be less healthy than their parents. According to the study, young British citizens lack appropriate skills and qualifications, defined as “academic or technical qualifications needed to pursue their preferred career”; personal connections, including “access to social networks or mentors who were able to offer them appropriate advice and guidance on navigating the adult world”; financial and practical support, encompassing “direct financial support from their parents, being able to live at home at no cost with parents, as well as practical assistance such as help with childcare”; and emotional support, meaning “having someone to talk to and be open and honest with, who supports their goals in life.” The impact on the health of British millennials is severe, the study suggests.

And the study suggests solutions, nearly all of which revolve around maximization of governmental involvement. So, for example, the report calls for more “affordable housing,” noting that home ownership has dropped precipitously in the country; more regulation of employment to prevent “zero-hours contracts,” i.e. at-will employment; government aid for higher education.

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