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SHAPIRO: Joaquin Phoenix Lectures The Church Of The Hollywood Elite
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 09: Joaquin Phoenix accepts the Actor In A Leading Role award for 'Joker' onstage during the 92nd Annual Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre on February 09, 2020 in Hollywood, California.
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On Monday’s episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” the Daily Wire editor-in-chief talks about the Oscars, the Woke embroidery on Natalie Portman’s dress, and Joaquin Phoenix scolding the public for drinking milk. Video and partial transcript below: 

[Natalie Portman] shows up on the red carpet wearing a cape but it’s not just any cape it’s a cape that is embroidered with female directors, the names of female directors who were not nominated and therefore are greatly put upon, despite the fact that they earn millions of dollars to direct apparently mediocre films. 

I mean, seriously, the names of the directors that are on there, on her cape, they include the director of “Hustlers.” Does anyone think that “Hustlers” deserve the best director nom this year? Does anyone think that “Hustlers” really, really required a best director nomination this year? One of the directors is the director of the Mr. Rogers film. Does anyone think the Mr. Rogers film deserved a best director nomination this year? Does anyone think that Greta Gerwig desperately needed a best director nomination after winning a best director nomination for “Lady Bird?” What exactly are we talking about here? 

The bottom line is that, according to Hollywood, this makes Natalie Portman not have to worry about the fact that she is wealthy and that she has a really easy life she is now part of the victimized. She’s part of a coalition of the dispossessed. So the question becomes dispossessed by whom? People do this routinely dispossessed by the Academy, because the Academy is the font of all evil and super white so what does the Academy do? Instead of the academy making fun of all this nonsense, the Academy jumps right into it, and they flagellate themselves, and the Academy brings all these people forward, and then they say, “Look how, we know that we’ve got a problem, guys. We know that we’ve got a problem, and the first step toward solving a problem is admitting you have a problem and bringing forth people like Natalie Portman, a true victim in American society.”

When I think “victim” I think Natalie Portman, don’t you? She lives in France with her husband. I feel really, really terrible for Natalie Portman. I feel terrible for all those directors who were given millions and millions of dollars to play with to make really, really kind of mediocre films that’s pretty spectacular stuff. 

At least I will hand it to Joaquin Phoenix; at least Joaquin Phoenix is crazy. All these other people are pretty much sane, so when they do stupid things, then you just make fun of them. Joaquin Phoenix, I’m not sure whether you’re even allowed to make fun of Joaquin Phoenix at this point because, honestly, he’s sort of morphed into Is he still role playing? Is he still just being the Joker? Did he ever get out of the mindset? So Joaquin Phoenix gets up there and he’s been going around making these sort of environmentalist statements; he really made a sacrifice for the people this year and for the people of Earth he only has one tuxedo, Joaquin Phoenix he pointed this out that unlike all these other people of ten tuxedos, he only has one tuxedo just like all the poor people only have one tuxedo. If you go below the poverty line, everybody’s got a tux, a thousand-dollar tux hanging in their closet.

In any case, Joaquin Phoenix wins best actor for the “Joker,” and he makes an insane speech about cows and milk….Joaquin Phoenix last night at the Oscars, lecturing us all about speciesism, which is again, a real hot take that really is the tragedy, I mean truly. Joaquin Phoenix should have shown up with the names of cows embroidered on his tuxedo I mean like “Betsy,” “Old Blue,” I mean, they weren’t nominated for anything either. These cows that have given us our sustenance for generations and not one of them was nominated for an award not a single one of them was nominated for an award, not a single cow. Unbelievable. Here’s Joaquin Phoenix explaining to all of us that veganism is the way to go and that basically drinking milk is like you’re a Nazi. 

PHOENIX: We go into the natural world and we plunder it for its resources; we feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow, and when she gives birth, we steal her baby, even though her cries of anguish are unmistakable. And then we take her milk that’s intended for a calf and we put it in our coffee and our cereal. 

What now? We have to embroider his coat with milk like “Two Percent,” “Whole” — What the hell is going on here? What is wrong with you people? What is wrong with you people? Listen, if you want to make the case against factory farming, make the case against factory farming. But we artificially inseminate these cows, and then we take her milk and we use it in our coffee, we use it in our cereal? Yes, we do; that’s true. You have scored a point against civilization, Mr. Phoenix. Just wow, solid, and the crowd gave him a standing ovation for this all of whom drink milk, by the way, all of whom are engaging in protein consumption, animal protein consumption. Like the number of vegans in that room, not that high. But again, it’s all about the “We’ve been lectured and we know that we’ve been lectured.” 

This is the new church. It’s a church for folks on the Left, just like a lot of people go to church to be lectured by their pastor about all the sins that they’ve committed the prior weeks [so] that they don’t commit those sins again; it’s like that at the Oscars. It’s the one time they go to church every year, and at that church they’re lectured about their insufficient Wokeness and if they wish to avoid anti-Woke hell, then they will have to pay homage and they will have to do confession with Joaquin Phoenix, which is a really weird type of confession. So, good stuff over at the Oscars, as per the usual, really in touch with the feelings of most Americans. I think that these people really have a bead on what Americans are feeling. 

Honestly, I was feeling a little optimistic this year because there were some actual movies that people saw this year, and none of them won any awards. I mean, the ones that actually won awards, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” got completely skunked; “Joker” won a couple of awards, but “Parasite” waltzed away with a bunch of these awards a movie that no American has really ever seen and again, a class warfare film that would have pleased Bernie Sanders if the rest of the film holds up the way that it’s holding up so far [in the first hour]. 

Well, in any case, we’ll get to the actual 2020 Democratic race, and I’ll explain in just a second why these Culture Wars actually matter, because whenever we sound off about this kind of stuff, people on the Left are like, “How dare you say you’re so triggered by the culture; you’re so triggered,” which is gaslighting because the reason you do this is because you want attention, you’re all the the 15-year-old girl who gets her hair put up in some sort of mohawk, and gets a giant nose ring, gets those earrings that like stretch out your ear lobe and then you walk on like, “Why are you looking at me? Why are you looking at me?”

You’re the Oscars, that’s why we’re looking at you. We all get it; we all get the you want attention; so if we give you attention, you don’t get to whine about us giving you attention, and if we make fun of you, you don’t get to whine about us making fun of you. Of course we’re making fun of you because you look like idiots. 

You look like a bunch of Woke morons who have no actual relationship with like is there a single impoverished person in America who feels better off today because of what was done at the Oscars last night?   Whose pocketbook got thicker last night? Is there a single woman in America who’s struggling to make ends meet who is like, “Yes, slay queen because female directors weren’t winning Oscar noms this year? Slay Queen Natalie Portman.” Who out there felt really emboldened and empowered by that Oscar routine last night? I have a feeling not all that many people, not all that many people, except for the Oscar voters who feel really good about themselves because, again, they get to participate in this religious ceremony once  a year.

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