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Shapiro On Fox News: Here’s How The Democrats Will Handle The Kavanaugh FBI Investigation

By  James Barrett

In the second of a series of election specials on Fox News airing Sunday nights, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro provided a blistering breakdown of the way the Democrats and the left-wing media have handled the unsubstantiated allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and predicted how they would respond to this week’s FBI investigation — predictions that have already begun to play out.

“For weeks, Democrats have been engaged in delay tactics designed to push off Kavanaugh’s confirmation beyond November 6,” said Shapiro. “It began with Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), who received a 36-year-old allegation of sexual abuse on July 30 from Christine Blasey Ford, then did nothing — nothing — about it for weeks upon weeks until it was nearly time to confirm Kavanaugh. Then, she suddenly came forward with the allegations, demanding a hearing. Republicans attempted to facilitate one. Democrats delayed. Meanwhile, Democrats demanded a full FBI investigation — an investigation they hoped would take weeks on end.”

Such an FBI investigation, said Shapiro, is actually “pointless”: “A non-criminal FBI investigation actually has less power to compel testimony than the Senate Judiciary Committee. The FBI can’t subpoena records or force people to testify. The FBI doesn’t come to findings on allegations. They merely compile statements — the same statements already given under penalty of perjury by witnesses who don’t actually back Ford’s account. If those witnesses change their accounts, they may be perjuring themselves.”

The point, he explained, is this “completely superfluous” investigation is not about getting to the truth, but about delaying the confirmation until after the election. Eventually, the Democrats managed to “peel off one sucker among the Republicans”: Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ), who collapsed after protesters screamed at him in an elevator. “According to Western Journal, one of the women yelling at Flake is a professional activist with a Leftist organization to which George Soros donates,” noted Shapiro.

Shapiro then predicted the response of the Democrats to the FBI investigation, which will wrap up by Friday.

“So, will the FBI investigation satisfy people who oppose Kavanaugh? Of course not. It’s all about the stall,” he said. “Just like clockwork, Ford’s lawyer said that the investigation shouldn’t have any timeline or any restrictions. This will be the talking point from Democrats all week. And we can surely expect more uncorroborated allegations to be brought forward by Democrats. After all, they’ve spent the last two weeks humoring allegations up to and including gang rape.”

Shapiro argued that while this all might sound “cynical,” it’s already playing out. “There is literally nothing to which Senatorial Democrats will not stoop to stop Kavanaugh. Nothing. Their behavior this week has been nothing less than despicable,” he said. “Democratic Senators asked Kavanaugh whether he was a gang rapist. They suggested that because he drank in high school, he was an attempted rapist — which would make like 85% of the American populace possible rapists. They even asked him questions about his high school yearbook.”

The host then hammered the Democrats for their catch-22 on Kavanaugh over his anger over the Democrats’ handling of the allegations against him.

“When Kavanaugh got angry, Democrats said that was evidence he could rape women,” said Shapiro. “This is insane. It’s disgusting. And this is nothing less than a witch hunt. If Kavanaugh wasn’t angry at being called a rapist, that would mean he was probably a rapist; if he got angry, that would mean he was probably a rapist. But Senator Feinstein, who manipulated the entire process and facilitated claims that Kavanaugh is a rapist — and then, to complete the circus, invited Charmed actress Alyssa Milano to sit behind Kavanaugh and scowl during his testimony. This is the mark of a very, very serious senator of course. She now says that Brett Kavanaugh is unfit for the high court because he didn’t treat her with the proper respect.”

Feinstein was right about one thing, said Shapiro, Kavanaugh didn’t show her the “proper respect,” because the “proper respect” would be no respect. “I agree with Senator Feinstein. Kavanaugh didn’t show the proper respect for Feinstein and her Democratic colleagues. The proper amount of respect was none. No respect. Democrats have earned no respect. They deserve no respect. They have lied and slandered Brett Kavanaugh for weeks,” he said. “And it’s not just the Democratic members of the Senate. It’s the Leftist members of the mainstream media, who have unleashed full-scale sexist and racist attacks in order to prevent Kavanaugh’s nomination.”

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