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Shapiro BLASTS CSULA Over Speech Ban
attends March For Our Lives on March 24, 2018 in Washington, DC.

The Daily Wire‘s editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro threw down the gauntlet to CSULA after they canceled his speaking engagement on campus, making it clear he’s going to speak there whether the campus likes it or not.

“Screw them, I’m going anyway,” Shapiro told KTLA.

Shapiro called campus leftists “fascists” who are intolerant to opposing viewpoints, a truth that is reflected in the campus’s unwillingness to let Shapiro speak. The administration wants the lecture be more “inclusive” and prefers to have Shapiro on a panel with people with other points of view. Shapiro rightly noted that the administration is full of it.

“[Radical socialist professor] Cornel West has spoken there. Did they bring right-wingers to balance him out?” Shapiro said. “Tim Wise and Angela Davis speak there … I haven’t heard them calling on the Republican Party to put somebody as a counterweight. It’s such absolute tripe. By the way, it’s unconstitutional.”

Shapiro slammed CSULA for “viewpoint discrimination” and reiterated that he is going to show up and speak regardless of the campus’s fascist inclinations.

“If they want to call the cops on us, they’re just proving my point,” Shapiro said.

The Daily Wire‘s Michael Qazvini has exposed the radical ties of the CSULA president, William Covino, which explains his hostility to conservative viewpoints. Radio host Hugh Hewitt has suggested that Shapiro sue the university for a million dollars.

Shapiro’s speech will begin at 2 pm. PST, and a live stream of the event can be seen here.