Senior Hamas Official: 50 Of Those Killed In Gaza Were Hamas Members


On Wednesday, senior Hamas official Salah Albardawil admitted in an interview with “Bladna al Alamyia” that 50 of the dead in the Gaza riots were members of Hamas. He stated, “50 martyrs of Hamas rose” during the so-called march. This isn’t shocking — Israel has been targeting terrorists with facial recognition during the riots.

Just yesterday, Hamas began releasing photographs of those slain. Surprise, surprise, many were members of Hamas’ internal security service.

Yet the media continue to parrot Hamas’ line that Israel is targeting innocents. This is media malfeasance at its finest. And it is getting more Palestinians killed, because Hamas seeks to put innocent people in harm’s way for the cameras. They’ve been rushing children to the border in an attempt to achieve photographs of supposed Israeli brutality on the front pages of newspapers. And the media have been happy to oblige.

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