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Sen. Bernie Sanders Claims He Doesn’t ‘Recall’ 2013 Government Shutdown Quote — Here’s The Clip

On Friday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) appeared on MSNBC. During his segment, host Ali Velshi played a clip of OMB Director Mick Mulvaney reciting a direct quote from Sanders regarding the 2013 government shutdown:

What they [Republicans] are saying to the American people tonight is: “Maybe we have lost the presidential election; maybe we’ve lost seats in the Senate and in the House. It doesn’t matter! We can now bring the government to a shutdown – throw some 800,000 hard working Americans out on the street, and we are going to get our way no matter what.”

Mulvaney then commented on the Sanders quote: “This is exactly what they accused the Republicans of doing back in 2013. There is absolutely no reason to have to insert a DACA discussion, immigration discussion into the funding bill today.”

After the clip, Velshi asked Sanders to respond. The seemingly flustered Senator replied: “I – that doesn’t sound like – I don’t recall saying anything like that.” He quickly pivoted: “Nobody wants a shutdown. Democrats don’t want a shutdown. I think most Republicans don’t want a shutdown. The only person who has talked positively about a shutdown is the President of the United States. He said, you know, maybe the country needs a good shutdown. That was Donald Trump.”

Sanders then made his point again: “I don’t want a shutdown; I don’t know anybody who does.”

Here’s the thing — Conor Beck at The Washington Free Beacon found the clip of Sanders saying exactly (with some minor mutations) what Mulvaney quoted, and attached it to the end of the segment: