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Seinfeld: Roseanne Should Not Have Been Fired

By  Paul Bois

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld feels that Roseanne Barr should not have been fired from her sitcom following her wildly controversial tweet.

“I didn’t see why it was necessary to fire her,” Seinfeld told ET. “Why would you murder someone who’s committing suicide?”

“But I never saw someone ruin their entire career with one button push,” he added. “That was fresh.”

While Roseanne Barr’s tweet comparing former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett to an ape was indeed mean-spirited and racist, Hollywood leftists have enabled rhetoric that is either equal or worse to what Roseanne said. Within days of Roseanne’s firing from ABC, comedienne Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a “c**t,” which was then followed by actor Peter Fonda calling for Barron Trump to be ripped from his mother’s arms and “put in a cage with pedophiles.” At the same time, Hollywood leftists from the likes of late-night comedians to musician John Legend have celebrated mobs essentially harassing Trump administration officials in public.

Now that Roseanne has been booted, Seinfeld said that another female comedian should replace her.

“I think they should get another Roseanne,” he advised. “They brought Dan Conner back, he was dead and they brought him back. So, why can’t we get another Roseanne? There’s other funny women that could do that part. You need to get the comic in there. I hate to see a comic lose a job.”

Jerry Seinfeld represents an old-school kind of comedian who favors laughs over partisanship. In an interview with David Letterman last month, he expressed disinterest in making Trump jokes.

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