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Secret Service Investigating Antifa For Threats To Murder President Trump

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

According to a report from The Daily Caller, members of left-wing Antifa are being investigated by the Secret Service for threats of murder and violence against President Donald Trump.

“The Secret Service tells The Daily Caller they are now ‘aware’ of the threats and are ‘investigating’ the progressive protesters,” says the report.

“The Secret Service is aware of the incident,” said a Secret Service spokesperson, noting that, as a matter of policy, they cannot comment further on “protective intelligence investigations.”

Antifa and other left-wing activists took to the streets of Washington, D.C. on Sunday in attempt to shut down the 30 or so white nationalists and alt-right figures permitted to hold the so-called “Unite the Right 2” rally. Antifa, unsurprisingly, harassed and attacked law enforcement officers and media members and made open threats on the president’s life.

“I would murder him,” said one protester when asked by reporter Benny Johnson what he’d do if Trump were to show up at the event. “Do him like Gaddafi,” said another, referencing the murdered Libyan leader.

Others said they would “slap” and “beat” Trump. One man bizarrely fantasized, “I’d piss on his leg.”

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