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To Be ‘Inclusive,’ ‘Jessica Jones’ Has Excluded Male Directors

The return of the comic book character “Jessica Jones” on Netflix promised a season full of women (directors), and it will deliver a season full of women (directors). With so many women, we’ll need a few binders on hand to keep track.

In line with “Transparent” creator Jill Soloway’s decree that no “white cis men” should have creative control over women characters, “Jessica Jones” season 2 has made sure that no man will get a chance to manspread in the director’s chair.

From Entertainment Weekly:

For its second season, the Marvel-Netflix production recruited female directors to helm all 13 episodes — an achievement that aligns with the series’ reputation as an envelope-pushing, women-centric drama featuring a complicated female protagonist. Though more female filmmakers have entered the spotlight in recent years — 2017 saw massive successes from directors Patty Jenkins, Greta Gerwig, and Dee Rees — women directed only 11 percent of the year’s top 250 films, according to the 2017 “Celluloid Ceiling” study from San Diego State University’s Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film. Jessica Jones‘ female-led set in season 2, in other words, is a remarkable triumph.

Originally, “Jessica Jones” showrunner Melissa Rosenberg only sought to include more female directors on the show, but in the name of “being inclusive” made season 2 exclusively female when Netflix’s VP insisted the show be entirely female-driven.

“It didn’t take a lot of effort to fill those slots,” Rosenberg says. “There’s a lot of highly qualified and talented female directors out there, so what we did was simply open the door. It wasn’t like we had to give a bunch of women their first break. It was just being inclusive.”

“It wasn’t like I was doing them any favors,” she continues. “They were doing us a favor by joining our roster. And, you know, we’re looking forward to the day when we’re not even having this conversation, we’re just talking about them as qualified people who happen to be women. Hopefully, we’re there someday, but now? Not yet.”

SJW’s have largely been celebrating the news, completely ignorant of the sad reality that none of the women hired to direct Season 2 can ever boast of being better talent than their male counterparts because they never actually beat them in the competition since men were expressly excluded for the sake of “inclusion.” If getting to direct in Hollywood were like “The Hunger Games,” then the odds were very much in their favor on this gig, being that half the competition had been eliminated.

The whole point of storytelling is transplanting people outside of their personal bubbles and onto a universal plain of human experience, which is why women directors like Kathryn Bigelow can make thrilling male-dominated action films like “The Hurt Locker” and James Cameron can make a love story like “Titanic.” There’s a common ethos we all share, regardless of race or gender. But that sort of authentic inclusiveness doesn’t fit the agenda of the Left’s identity politics.

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