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Is Sean Spicer Headed To ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

Fresh out of what might be the toughest job in Washington, Sean Spicer might shimmy his way over to ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, a TV insider told Page Six.

The former White House press secretary is apparently being pursued by the hit TV show. “That has legs,” said the source of the rumors.

This would not be unprecedented territory: Former Texas Governor Rick Perry was famously on the show in 2016. (His dancing was sub-par; he was just the second contestant booted from the competition.) And it didn’t even kill his political life! Perry is currently a Trump cabinet member, serving as the United States Secretary of Energy.

The dancing show neither confirmed nor denied the rumors: “We don’t comment on casting,” said an ABC rep.

Nor did Spicer, telling Page Six he had “no comment” on the matter.

But the former press secretary has a slew of other options in sight, allegedly being courted by major news networks, such as Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS, presumably hoping to air some insider details on the black hole of media: President Trump.

“A source told us some news execs ‘made the full-court press’ as they competed to woo the high-profile spokesman — who brought in solid ratings and plenty of late-night fodder — while others ‘just kicked the tires,'” notes Page Six.

Spicer left the Trump Administration after financier Anthony Scaramucci was named communications director, much to the displeasure of the then-press secretary.

“He’s done an amazing job,” said the slick New Yorker of Spicer on his first day on the job. “I wish him well and I hope he goes on to make a tremendous amount of money.”

How well does Dancing with the Stars pay?