School Tries To Wrongly Ban 7th Grade Student’s ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Patch


This week, a middle schooler in Colorado Springs decided to don his Don’t Tread on Me patch smack dab on his backpack. This middle schooler, Jaiden Rodriguez, was spotted by a teacher who anonymously reported him and his backpack. Then, of course, the administration got involved and tried to explain to him and his mom that his Don’t Tread on Me patch actually represents slavery.

The mom went in to meet with the administrator, who began with: “The reason that they do not want the flag — we do not want the flag — is due to its origins with slavery and the slave trade.” When Jaiden’s mom asked what is going to happen if he doesn’t take the badge off, the administrator responded: “I just want him to go back to class. The bag can’t go back. It’s got the badge on it. We can’t have that in and around other kids.” What this administrator did not know was that Jaiden’s mother had done her research. She explained that the Gadsden flag had nothing to do with slavery and remarked that perhaps they were thinking of the confederate flag. The administrator said, “I am here to enforce the policy that was provided by the district.” Jaiden’s mom went on to say she had checked the ACLU’s website to find that they were just fine with wearing, waving, or flying the flag. Apparently, this school district knew more than the ACLU though, because they continued to refer to the “district policy” — and they were just enforcing the policy.

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Rather than appease the admin or give in to taking his patch off just to get back to class, Jaiden’s mom didn’t back down. She is an incredibly supportive mother. When moms ask me how they can help or what they should do, I always tell them that what children need today is strong parents who know the rules and regulations and are willing to be an example of bravery like Jaiden’s mom. She is exactly what all parents should be. She tells the administrator she and her husband teach Jaiden to always stand for his beliefs — and she is modeling to him in that moment just what that looks like. She says, “You’re going over the Revolution for 7th grade. I mean, the Founding Fathers stood up for what they believe in against unjust laws. This is unjust.”

It may be unjust, but this whole scenario just shows the absolute stupidity of this administrator to just retort that they are following policy. What policy? What facts? You cannot just have a policy that says, if we say it’s slavery that it is. It sounds like they are just making it up as they go along. Apparently their “policy” says no to Don’t Tread on Me patches, but it’s fine with the car in the parking lot with stickers supporting the Green New Deal — and trans kids.

None of this seems fair at all. Plus, isn’t this a school? Shouldn’t they be teaching history? But because Jaiden was supported by his parents, and because his parents were more educated than his educator, the story went viral. Ben Shapiro interviewed him, and during their discussion, Jaiden explained that he missed class (which he was very concerned about), and he mentioned that the Gadsden flag was a warning to the British not to tread on our rights — and had nothing to do with slavery.

Jaiden just looks like a kid who should not be messed with. He looks like he’s going to be a future business leader in this country. He studies, earns straight As, makes honor roll, and plans to continue doing so. So while this school tried to tread on Jaiden’s rights, they found out they weren’t going to be able to. This kid is a living legend, and he is obviously going to be very successful. He’s calm, he’s collected, and he’s poised because he understands what his rights are. He understands what the facts are and he knows how to stand for what he believes in.


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