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SCHAEFFER: The Truth About The Black Lives Matter Organization

A closer look at the origins, connections, goals and influence of the organization behind the movement. 

By  Brad Schaeffer
27 June 2020, Berlin: During a "Black Lives Matter" demonstration at the Victory Column, a participant holds a poster with the words "Black Lives Matter". More than 1000 people demonstrated against racism on the Street of June 17. Photo: Christophe Gateau/dpa (Photo by Christophe Gateau/picture alliance via Getty Images)
Christophe Gateau/picture alliance via Getty Images

At present, no organization has more sway in the United States, not just in shaping opinion, but changing behaviors and lives, than Black Lives Matter. A recent Rasmussen poll found that 62% of likely voters now have a “favorable” opinion of BLM. This is almost a reverse of opinion only six months ago.

It is both fascinating and troubling to see this transformation. Fascinating in that, like so many political movements, its emergence usually is the reaction to some larger underlying shift in the national order that the existing parties have failed to address. The Republican Party, for example, was spawned from the growing abolitionist sentiment in the country — one the Southern Democrats vehemently resisted to the point of taking up arms.

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