‘SAVING THE PLANET’: Hollywood Gloats After Kansas Pro-Life Amendment Loses

Michael Moore attends the premiere of Briarcliff Entertainment's "Fahrenheit 11/9" at Samuel Goldwyn Theater on September 19, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.
Rich Fury/Getty Images

Hollywood reacted with glee to news that voters in Kansas rejected a pro-life amendment on Tuesday night, insisting the outcome would translate into Democratic victories in November.

Stars like director Michael Moore, actor Jon Favreau, and musician John Legend celebrated after the “Value Them Both” amendment lost, blocking the state from removing a right to abortion in the state constitution.

Moore took to Instagram, referencing the overturning of Roe vs. Wade and the November midterms, writing: “ROEVEMBER — HERE WE COME! WE ARE ON FIRE! THE MAJORITY OF AMERICA IS WITH US! NONVIOLENTLY CRUSH THE ENEMIES OF WOMEN’S RIGHTS, DEMOCRACY AND SAVING THE PLANET!”

“We have just three months until Roevember,” he added. “There are no guarantees. Victory will require each and every one of us to stand up, fight and be fearless. Democrats and [Joe] Biden – don’t mess this up! You must pledge to the world you will make Roe v Wade the law of the land and you will eliminate the filibuster. If you can’t do that, then get out of the way. We have had it. THANK YOU KANSAS FOR SHOWING US THE WAY TONIGHT”

He followed that up with a post claiming Tuesday’s results prove Kansas is no longer a haven for Republicans and those who vote red.

“OMG! We are not in Kansas anymore. And neither is Kansas!” the filmmaker told his followers. “Just a few hours ago, the unthinkable happened — the citizens of the State of Kansas, one of our reddest and most Republican states, voted in an overwhelming landslide by nearly 20 points to keep abortion legal and available to all women! Let this be the word and the warning that goes out to all who seek to take any rights away from women: YOU will not succeed, and you will be defeated in this fall’s election.”

Favreau took to Twitter, writing, “Republican politicians’ extremism is now way out of step with the electorate, even in a red state like Kansas.”

“Democracy is a full-time job for all of us,” he added. “We have to push, persuade, and organize to get the country we want.”

Singer John Legend tweeted that voters should act like “reproductive freedom is on the ballot” in November.

“It looks like a big win for reproductive freedom in Kansas tonight. Wonderful news!” Legend tweeted.  “Let’s all vote in the midterms as though reproductive freedom is on the ballot. Even if it isn’t explicitly so as in Kansas, believe me, it is on the ballot. And if we show up, we win.”

And they weren’t the only ones who thought the results of the failure of a pro-life amendment was a good thing for the Democrats.

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