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Saudi Prince Accused of Abusing Female Staffers, Gay Sex Acts

By  Aaron Bandler

One of the princes of Saudi Arabia is facing a lawsuit for allegedly sexual assault, battery and false imprisonment after his riotous, cocaine-heavy partying allegedly resulting in sexually abusing his female staffers, committing a gay sex act, and making a male aide fart in his face.

The lawsuit was filed by three female staffers of Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, son of the late King Abdullah. The women accuse him of sexual assault, battery, and false imprisonment. The charges stem from incidents occurring in the Sept. 21-25 timeframe, where the prince threw massive parties on back-to-back evenings in his $37 million Beverly Glen mansion. The raucous parties featured hookers, alcohol, cocaine and a lot of unwanted sexual advances.

According to the accusations, the prince took a liking to one of the female staffers and told her to party with him, warning that if she didn’t, he would kill her. He also went on top of another woman and began grinding on her in a “sexual and aggressive manner.” The three women also claim that Al Saud shouted, “I want to pee pee!” and attempted to urinate on them.

When Al Saud was asked to stop his behavior, he allegedly responded, “I am a prince and I do what I want.You are nobody!”

The three staffers were terrified of Al Saud and pleaded with one of the prince’s male aides to let them out, as they had seen Al Saud physically abuse other aides. But they were forced to stay, and one of the females went to pour Al Saud a drink, only to get assaulted by Al Saud and left her bruised.

“I am a prince and I do what I want.You are nobody!”

Alleged statement by Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

The female staffers tried to escape, but were locked in. Al Saud threatened one of the females, “You are going to go upstairs. I will be there in two minutes and you’ll do whatever I want. If not, then I’ll kill you.”

The three women were forced to watch the prince have his penis stroked by a male aide, and then watch another male aide fart in his face. At that point, Al Saud told one of the females to lick his body. The police were eventually called to the house and they found the prince’s girlfriend and one of the female staffers covered in blood and crying.

In Saudi Arabia, homosexuality is illegal and can lead to severe punishments, such as flogging, castration, and even death by stoning. It is also illegal to own alcohol in Saudi Arabia.

The LA District Attorney dropped felony assault charges against Al-Saud, but could potentially bring about misdemeanor charges. The prince’s attorney dismissed the allegations as “baseless.”

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