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Saudi Father Overjoyed To Welcome Baby Into World, Shoots OB/GYN For Seeing Wife Naked

A Saudi man was naturally ecstatic about his new baby being born, so he proceeded to shoot the doctor who delivered the baby.

According to Gulf News, the man had requested that a female gynecologist operate on his wife, and was enraged when the male Dr. Muhannad Al Zabn was the one who delivered the baby at King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia back in April.

The man lured Dr. Al Zabn to the hospital garden by telling him he wanted to express gratitude for successfully bringing a newborn baby into the new world. In the middle of their conversation, the man suddenly unleashed a handgun and shot Al Zabn. The man fled but was eventually arrested by the police and is currently in jail. Al Zabn is currently in stable condition inside the hospital, according to the hospital’s spokesperson Bassam Al Buraikan.

The reason for the man’s rage: Dr. Al Zabn had seen his wife naked by delivering the baby. That was apparently too much for the man to bear.

Some people on social media wondered why the hospital simply didn’t meet the man’s request, but most of social media was sympathetic to the doctor over the incident and had harsh words for the shooter.

“Just when you thought ‘jealousy’ can’t get worse,” one Twitter user wrote.

It certainly does take an extreme kind of envy to shoot a male obstetrician after he safely delivered a baby just because he may have seen the woman naked.

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