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Saudi Arabia Plans to Build Canals to Separate Qatar, Make It An Island

Last year, Saudi Arabia announced it was cutting off relations with Qatar, but now, Saudi Arabia is literally cutting Qatar off, making it into an island.

Qatar is a small peninsula in the Persian Gulf and only shares a land border with Saudi Arabia.

According to Business Insider, five companies are currently bidding to build a canal along Saudi Arabia’s and Qatar’s 61 km border. The canal will be named the “Salwa Channel” and the Saudis hope it will be completed within a year.

The tensions began last year after Saudi Arabia began its boycott of Qatar, citing Qatar’s support of terrorist organizations and its questionable loyalties regarding Iran.

According to The Washington Post, state-owned media has reported on the project; two months ago, an online Saudi newspaper reported that the plans were still waiting approval from the Saudi government. The same outlet also claims the canal is expected to be big enough to allow ships to pass, stretching 650 feet in width and 130 feet in depth.

The cost has been projected at $745 million and would take place on the Saudi side of the border, .6 miles from Qatar.

The Saudi Arabian government has yet to make a public confirmation of the proposed plan.