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Satanic Temple Statue Brought To Arkansas Capitol In Protest Of Ten Commandments Monument

At first I thought, this has to be the Onion or Clickhole or the Babylon Bee, but oh how I was wrong.

Last week a monument to the Ten Commandments was installed at the Arkansas State Capitol, and worshippers from the Satanic Temple were not happy. During last year’s legislative session, the Temple sent lawmakers a letter asking for a statute of Baphomet — a goat-headed, winged deity — to also be erected at the Capitol. No legislators responded, according to KATV reporter Marine Glisovic:

Glisovic attended the rally at the Capitol, which appears to have been larger than the massively covered white supremacist rally at the White House on Sunday. During said rally, the aforementioned statute of Bathomet was unveiled.

Some church members showed up to counterprotest:

The Satanic Temple rally was held “in the name of religious pluralism and the First Amendment,” according to ABC 33/40.

The spokesman and co-founder of the Satanic Temple, Lucien Greaves (obviously not his real name), used certain popular “progressive” words to make his case, including “inclusive” and “privilege.” This isn’t included to suggest he’s part of the loony Left, but rather that perhaps he thinks adopting the Left’s rhetoric will help his cause.

“The event is intended to be an inclusive gathering where The Satanic Temple will be celebrating pluralism along with Christian and secular speakers,” he told ABC. “People of many faiths will come together at the Capitol to reject the Arkansas State Legislature’s efforts to privilege one religion over others.”

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