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Sarah Silverman Bashes Those Christian ‘Motherf***ers’ In Latest ‘I Love You, America’ Promo

By  Paul

When Netflix is not bashing Christians, Hulu is leading the charge, with Sarah Silverman at the head of the “Hating Christians” parade.

In a recent trailer for Silverman’s “I Love You, America,” the supposed comedienne not only refers to Christians as “motherf***ers,” but also denigrates the Christian God by calling him “Allah.” The trailer begins with a deep, ominous male voice warning Sarah from a television screen that he will send her to hell for all eternity.

“I will send you to hell for eternity if you murder, steal, do guy-on-guy butt sex,” he tells Silverman.

“That’s true?” Silverman questions. “You really put people in hell for eternity if they put their penis in an anus?”

The voice responds, “Sarah, take a chill pill, I’m kidding. I created gay people.”

Silverman then relaxes as ordered, saying, “Oh phew! You got me. You’re a real son of a gun, God.”

In that moment, this “God” to whom she was speaking reveals he is not God. “Ah, call me Allah,” he corrects.

Silverman than roundly insults her Christian critics by calling them “motherf***ers.”

“Hey, everyone frantically typing emails about how I’m once again disrespecting the Christian God,” she prods. “Guess what, motherfuckers?”

As noted by LifeNews, Silverman has made Christian-bashing an art form, from her SNL “Jesus was a woman” song to hanging out with “Jesus F***ing Christ” in an abortion PSA.

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