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San Fran Votes Overwhelmingly To Oust Woke Soros Prosecutor From Office In Major Rejection Of Far-Left
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 07: San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin pauses as he speaks to supporters during an election-night event on June 07, 2022 in San Francisco, California. Voters in San Francisco recalled Boudin, who eliminated cash bail, vowed to hold police accountable and worked to reduce the number of people sent to prison.
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San Francisco voters sent shockwaves throughout the political world Tuesday night, removing woke district attorney Chesa Boudin from office, ending his disastrous tenure in office.

Boudin could not overcome a coalition of more safety-minded Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who were furious over the rampant property crimes, open drug use, persistent retail theft, and the skyrocketing number of certain crimes.

“Voters strongly endorsed ousting the reform-minded D.A. as partial returns showed about 60% of voters supporting the recall,” The Wall Street Journal reported. Since Boudin took office in January 2020 “burglaries have risen 45%” and “homicides have increased 37%.”

Boudin, who was backed by far-Left billionaire George Soros, claimed that he embarrassing defeat was really a victory, saying, “We have already won because we have redefined the way people think about the role of the district attorney’s office.”

Notable responses to Boudin’s beatdown included:

  • Zaid Jilani, reporter: “The story of the Chesa Boudin recall is closely tied to the recall of three school board members earlier this year. Largely Chinese American grassroots organizers were involved in both.” He added, “Much of the organizing and outreach was done on WeChat in Chinese language text messages and chat groups.”
  • Kraz Greinetz, reporter: “Boudin is losing virtually every neighborhood with lots of non-white voters except for the Mission. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, he’s winning places with lots of progressive whites (Noe Valley, Castro, Haight) and nowhere else.”
  • Josh Hammer, Newsweek: “The ouster of Chesa Boudin feels like an inflection point in the fight to reclaim civilizational sanity from the forces of civilizational arson. Good riddance.”
  • Eli Lake, podcaster: “A major blow to the crime legalization movement.”
  • Asra Q. Nomani, education activist: “Congratulations, San Francisco! You recalled corrupt Chesa Boudin + his woke machine! 2/3 chose commonsense. With Virginia, you give Americans hope we can meet in the middle where law + order + education as a priority exists. Anyone else want to take Asian voters for granted?”
  • Harmeet K. Dhillon, attorney: “Let us never forget the craven Asian “leaders” of San Francisco who stood next to Angela Davis and Chesa Boudin to sell out their San Francisco constituents to the Soros agenda. Sit there and be beaten and robbed for the greater good? NOT TODAY SATAN!”
  • Jonathan Choe, reporter: “RECALLED: Chesa Boudin was too progressive even for liberal San Francisco. This is a cautionary tale for elected officials in Seattle, a city with similar sensibilities. Asian American voting bloc played massive role in recall. Boudin accused of botching response to #AsianHate.”
  • Guy Benson, Fox News: “Turns out the appeal of pro-criminal prosecutors has its limits, even in cartoonish hotbeds of leftism.”
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