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Russia Bans Justin Trudeau, More Than 300 Canadian Government Officials From Entering The Country
Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses a press conference at the end of a visit of the Adazi military base, north east of Riga, Latvia, on March 8, 2022.
(Photo by TOMS NORDE/AFP via Getty Images)

On Tuesday, the Russian government has officially placed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, along with 300 other Canadian officials, on a “black list,” barring any entry into the motherland because of Canada’s sanctions in response to President Vladimir Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian government accused the Canadian government of acting with “Russiaphobic rage” and explained why the Canadian officials were no longer welcome in Russia on the country’s official website:

The “black list” of persons prohibited from entering the Russian Federation includes Prime Minister J. Trudeau, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and National Defense M. Joli and A. Anand. Most of the deputies of the House of Commons of the Canadian Parliament and aggressive pro-Bander elements are also among those banned.

This step is forced and taken in response to the outrageous hostility of the current Canadian regime, which has tested our patience for so long. Every Russophobic attack, be it attacks on Russian diplomatic missions, airspace closures, or Ottawa’s actual severing of bilateral economic ties to the detriment of Canadian interests, will inevitably receive a decisive and not necessarily symmetrical rebuff.

The news came shortly after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the Canadian parliament on Tuesday. Trudeau also had announced 15 additional sanctions on Russian oligarchs and officials, Toronto City News reported.

“Freedom, human rights, justice, truth, international order — these are the values you’re risking your life for as you fight for Ukraine and Ukrainians. Beyond that, you’re inspiring democracies and democratic leaders around the world to be more courageous, more united, and to fight harder for what we believe in. You remind us that friends are always stronger together. With allies and partners, we’re imposing crippling sanctions to make sure Putin and his enablers in Russia and Belarus are held accountable,” Trudeau said.

“Today, in line with our European Union partners, I can announce that we have imposed severe sanctions on 15 new Russian officials, including government and military elites who are complicit in this illegal war,” the prime minister added.

Trudeau also expressed his country’s verbal and material support for Ukraine with millions in relief funds:

Canada has also committed $145 million in humanitarian assistance to Ukraine in 2022 and created new immigration measures to help people fleeing the war.

“In Canada, we like to root for the underdog. We believe that when a cause is just and right, it will always prevail, no matter the size of the opponent. This doesn’t mean it will be easy. Ukrainians are already paying incalculable human costs. This illegal and unnecessary war is a grave mistake. Putin must stop it now,” Trudeau said Tuesday ahead of Zelenskyy’s address.