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Rush Limbaugh: Look At All These Ways The Left’s Imploding

The “Doctor of Democracy,” Rush Limbaugh, had yet more fun at the Left’s expense in a segment Tuesday in which he walked through all of the ways “a lot of leftist things” are “imploding.” Not only is Hollywood in a state of absolute chaos amid a flood of sexual harassment and assault allegations, noted Limbaugh, the former Paper of Record, the former First Lady, the formerly invulnerable NFL, and Obama’s destined-to-be-former signature piece of legislation, are all on the ropes.

“Folks, if you look at things the right way, if you look at things in the right perspective — and I do — if you look at things entirely differently than the daily soap opera presented by the Drive-By Media, there are some things happening out there that are inescapably conclusive,” said Limbaugh. “And those things add up to a lot of leftist things imploding!”

Limbaugh first highlighted The New York Times, which is in “some trouble” on account of the latest sting operation by James O’Keefe, who managed to catch a key editor “proving what we already have known about The New York Times“: it deliberately slants left in order to sell more subscriptions. “They even admit that they were failing until Trump got elected,” said Limbaugh. “Now their subscriptions are up because their subscribers need a daily dose of hate for Trump. So Trump has bailed out the failing New York Times. On their own, they would be in big trouble.”

As for Hillary Clinton, Limbaugh describes her continuing blame tour as getting downright embarrassing. “This is getting embarrassing, what this woman is saying and doing?” he asked. “I mean, I’m not to the point of being uncomfortable talking about it, but there’s something seriously wrong here. And whatever it is, she is imploding and refusing to go away.”

The seedy underbelly of leftwing Hollywood, Limbaugh pointed out, is being exposed more and more, and it’s getting uglier and uglier:

Hollywood, for crying out loud, it’s now gone way beyond Weinstein. Now these Hollywood women are coming out and talking about how all of them have been abused since they were teenagers. And it’s obviously much more than just Weinstein. And there’s a bombshell story that an A-list Oscar winner is somebody along the lines of Weinstein and everybody knows who this is, but for legal reasons they’re not naming the guy. But that’s caused all kinds of speculation.

But even if that person’s not named, Hollywood is having a lousy box office. Clooney’s new movie is called “Suburbicon” or something, and it’s an attack on middle America. It personifies Hollywood’s attitude toward people that don’t fit into any elite category.

What once seemed like an unassailable force, the NFL, which has fully embraced the Left’s social justice agenda this year, is now “imploding as well,” said Limbaugh, who noted that the league’s “supposed solution” to the anthem protest problem is to agree to promote lighter sentences for drug abusers. “The NFL believes that they can get the players to stop protesting if they join an effort to relax sentencing guidelines for drug abusers in the hood,” said the host. “The NFL is hoping to buy the players off with this.”

The league’s plummeting ratings, meanwhile, are doing real damage to some major media outlets. “CBS and NBC are imploding, and ESPN to boot,” said Limbaugh. “ESPN’s ratings last night, I don’t want to say all-time low, but, I mean, you have to go back many years to find ratings as poor as they were last night.”

Then there’s the real “Russia collusion” story, which threatens to bring some former Obama administration officials and current FBI officials down:

The FBI, folks, we have learned that there was collusion between the FBI and the Obama administration and the Russians in 2009 and 2010 over this uranium deal. Real collusion! Much more collusion than whatever Russia was doing by spending a hundred thousand dollars buying ads on Facebook. This is a blockbuster story, and it comes from our old buddy John Solomon, used to be at Circa, used to be at AP, used to be at the Washington Times, now he is at This really is a bombshell, except outside of it’s being ignored because it totally upsets every premise behind the get-Trump investigation. While they have no evidence of any collusion by Trump with Russia or versa-vice-a, there is all kinds of evidence that the FBI has had since 2009 and 2010 and suppressed over the Clintons, Bill and Hillary and the Canadian mogul that donated to their foundation and the transfer of United States American uranium to Russia. Bill Clinton personally was enriched by thousands and thousands of dollars, as was the Clinton Foundation, the Crime Family Foundation.

Meanwhile, the former president’s signature piece of legislation is also “imploding,” with Trump helping the process by taking the “wrecking ball” to it, as Chuck Schumer said.

Check out the full segment here.

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