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Rush Limbaugh Explains Why Democrats Are In PANIC Over GOP’s Huge Tax Win

Conservative talker Rush Limbaugh devoted a large portion of his radio show Wednesday to unpacking the “panic” the Democrats and the “Drive-Bys” are spiraling into as a result of the Republicans’ legislative triumph on tax reform, which saves taxpayers $1.5 trillion.

The top-rated talk show host started off by addressing the “fake news” spread by the left-leaning media about the re-vote triggered by “Senate nitpickers” over a few education-related provisions from the tax reform bill. “There were no screw ups,” said Limbaugh. “There were no mess-ups. There was nothing whatsoever fundamentally wrong with this requiring the House to vote again. It was simply a bunch of Senate nitpickers arguing over parliamentarian procedure.”

Limbaugh pointed out that the media was mysteriously not faulting the Democrats for complaining about the pro-education provisions. “Instead, they’re amused as the Democrats make the Republicans have to vote again and they seize this as an opportunity to report the Republicans don’t know what they’re doing. Or, the Republicans are providing another hidden loophole to the rich or other such lie,” said Limbaugh.

The real reason the media and their Democratic political counterparts are seizing on any possible point of criticism, no matter how absurd, is that they are internally “panicked” over the possible impact of the tax reform victory on 2018 and beyond. In the back of of their minds, Limbaugh suggested, is what happened after the Reagan tax cuts.

“[T]he Democrats think that they have won the House. It’s just a matter of the calendar playing out. They also think that this tax cut bill is gonna be a huge disaster. And it is. But for them,” said Limbaugh. “It’s gonna be every bit the disaster for them that the Reagan tax cuts were in 1981 and ’84. It’s gonna be a repeat.”

While Democrats are hoping that their “brethren in the media” can “muddy the waters” on the tax savings that a vast majority of Americans are about to enjoy, Limbaugh predicted that Americans will end up rewarding the Republicans — and the Democrats are now increasingly suspecting this, too.

“What happens when people see that the economy doesn’t stop, when people see that the economy keeps growing, when people see that businesses keep hiring, when people see that they have more disposable income, what will their reaction be based upon what they were prepared for from the Democrats and the media?” said Limbaugh.

“And that is where the Democrats are gonna get kicked,” he continued. “So looking ahead to 2018, every single Democrat in Congress, all 238 of them voted ‘no’ on this. And what precisely did they vote ‘no’ on? They voted ‘no’ on cutting taxes. They voted ‘no’ on allowing the American people to keep more of what they earn. They voted ‘no’ on reforming the tax code in ways it hasn’t been in 30 years. They voted ‘no’ on a piece of legislation that cuts taxes for 80% of Americans. They voted no, all 238 of them voted ‘no’ on a bill that will make U.S. corporate behavior much more competitive globally because of the reduction in the corporate income tax rate from 35 to 21%. They voted ‘no’ on making American corporations more competitive in the world. They voted ‘no’ on a piece of legislation that will contribute and will see gross domestic product grow at 4% per year.”

Despite the Democrats and their media allies’ best attempts to will it to happen, suggested Limbaugh, all that “doom and gloom” they’ve been predicting won’t develop. In fact, the opposite will take place. “All of the growth and all of the personal income gains, all of the economic growth and employment is going to continue, and it’s going to speed up,” he said.

The Democrats’ desperate attempts to to stop tax reform proves his point, said Limbaugh. “If this tax cut is going to ruin the Republican Party, why didn’t they just shut up, stand aside, not provide any opposition and let it happen? If this tax cut is going to doom the Republican Party and Donald Trump to lose elections for the next generation, why did they throw everything they had at it?” he said.

The answer is revealed in Americans’ response to Reagan’s tax cuts.

“If you actually look back to Ronald Reagan in the ’80s when he passed tax reform, it had lower approval ratings than this package,” said Limbaugh. “But the truth is when people start to see more money in their paychecks because of tax reform and they see the economy grow, they’re gonna love it. In the long run because more money goes to families and you’re gonna see better economic growth, this is gonna be a winner for America, but also those of us who voted for tax reform.”

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